Has anyone heard of LA Audio?

For the past year & a half I have been receiving immense enjoyment from a pair of LA Audio tube monoblocs. I was comfortable in the belief that these were solid, high-end components. The sound they coaxed from my Infinity Epsilons was magical. They are labeled LA Audio P3 Gold Mono Power Tube Amplifier. Cosmetically they appear to be of very high quality and they are certainly very heavy. Each has 4 KT88's and 2 12AX7's. I never saw a manual or any specs on them: for me the sound they produced was enough. Now, following a rather impressive self-destruction action by one of the KT88's, I have received the information that the entire innards of these units consist of ordinary, off-the-shelf electronic parts (as in Radio Shack). And this from someone whose technical competence I consider absolutely reliable. Further research has failed to turn up any information whatsoever on any company or audio component carrying the LA Audio name. Has anyone ever heard of them? Are they really total crap? And if so, how could they have produced such lovely sound?

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I have a photocopy of the promo literature of the P3 gold Monos. The info is very limited on the sheet but let me know if you wish a copy. I too am looking into purchasing a pair of those amps. Was your amp repairable?