Has anyone heard of guitarist Blind Gary?

I just watched a documentary on cable about three guitarist and their influences. They were Jack White, Jimmy Page, and 'Edge' from U2.

They talked about and showed some "angry" 1930s blues and in paricular a guitarist named "Blind Gary" seemed very cool. I'd love to know more about him, but I can't find anything anywhere. Has anyone here ever heard of this guy, or actually heard him....and what's your take?

The documentary is called "It Might Get Loud" and is excellent. I have it on DVD.
They were talking about Rev. Gary Davis. Read about him here.
rev. gary davis more-or-less invented ragtime folk blues guitar; jorma kaukonen (hot tuna)basically cloned his style and covered a bunch of his songs, including the incredible "keep your lamps trimmed and burning".
Best recording of Rev. Gary Davis?


Best is in the eye/ear of the beholder John. Check out this site and hear for yourself.