Has Anyone Heard Mueta Amps?...

I recently read an interesting article on class D amps with specific attention paid to the inherent problems of harmonic distortion in most existing designs. One piece of technology the author discussed that had virtually eliminated harmonic distortion was MUETA.

Here are some frequency charts that shed some light on the issue. http://www.mueta.com/html/about_muetar.htm

Has anyone heard about this technology or listened to a Mueta amp. I've sent Mueta an email to get some information, so hopefully they can shed some light on their amps.
Has "price check" @ the local Wall Mart been sounding kinder to the ears lately?

Just kidding Dawg.
I checked with Wal Mart last week to see if they carry any $25K tube amps. The 97 year old stock boy said they were all out. He recommended I try Circuit City. ;-)