Has anyone heard JMF DXC 2.2 or Kinoshita R-DAC

I look for very good dac .I know this firms but never I did not listen.
Darecki, it has no use to put your question here at Audiogon because it is very likely that none of the forum members has ever auditioned this DAC. And it is likely that the people who are familiar with this DAC will not post their response to Audiogon. Audiogon is a fine forum and is visited by very fine audiophiles and music lovers, but some products are too exotic even for this community. I have to say that some of those products that are not widely known to the audiophile community are eventually "the best of the best" or as the German say: "Ein echtes Geheimtipp".

I should receive a JMF-AUDIO DXC2.2C to match my HQS amp. I will let you know !