Has anyone heard Fink Team KIM speakers?

I auditioned a pair of Fink Team KIM mini-monitors a few weeks ago and I'm curious if anyone else has heard of them. 
That's a very interesting design though I wouldn't call that a mini-monitor! Very insensitive though what amp was driving them? And did you like them?
@jond I liked them a lot. Ample air and space in the soundstage and excellent separation from the speakers. Atmospheric is how I would describe them. They were powered by an Aavik i580 class D integrated amp. Source was a Linn Klimax streamer. The whole package sounded superb and I'm wondering how much the room factored into it. It was untreated but had a brick wall on one side, opened up to a high loft on the other with a very high ceiling, maybe 20 ft., and a grand piano in between the speakers. The Kims sounded so good I'm surprised I haven't come across them in the press or forums. 
There have been some rave (press) reviews of the Kim. I am waiting to audition a pair, and recently auditioned a close competitor, the Marten Parker Duo.

Here are links to a couple of the Kim reviews:



@whipsaw please post your thoughts after your audition. These reviews seem to confirm my impressions. I'm curious to see if you have a similar opinion of them. 

I'll be happy to do so. The salesman who helped me is very knowledgable, and a big fan of the Marten, but also had high praise for the Kims, and characterized them as being very seductive and great fun to listen to. He said that the Martens are a bit more neutral, but had nothing negative to say about whatever colorations he may have detected in the FTK.
I had a chance at a short listen to the KIM at the same location. This time they were on the short wall by the Kromas with no piano in between. I really enjoyed the sound. So much so that I am seriously considering taking on the line at my shop. Both the Kim and the Borg. It would be a big leap for me and I am trying to gauge interest level in Fink Team overall. I took on the Kii speaker to not very good results especially after they introduced the "studio" version and undercut the hifi dealers with "pro" pricing. The Fink Team seems to be focused on growing their US presence.
If you are located in the US South East I am looking at adding the Fink Team Kim and Borg to the floor of Wolfsong Audio. I would be happy to set up an audition.