Has anyone heard Dynaco tube CD player

I am still trying to make a decision on a CD player to replace my 12 yr. old unit. From what I have read we seem to be in a transition period in the digital realm (HDCD,SACD,DVDA etc)I was going to spend more but now am considering a less expensive alternative for the time, ie Dynaco CDV-2 @ $400. It gets a 5 on Audioreview. Has anyone heard it? How does it compare with others in the $700-800 price range? Are tube players good or bad? Again, thanks for your help.
My brother has been looking for a Dynaco CD-V Pro for over two years now and we can't find one. I have also seen others post wanted ads for this specific model. As far as tubes in the Analog section of a CD player goes, they can make a WORLD of difference. While i am not really a "tube man" by nature, i will say that it should be REQUIRED for everyone thinking about buying SS digital gear to sit down and listen to a good tube based CD player or DAC. It is an ear opener to say the least. Sean >
I have heard the Pro version with HDCD. J&R Music World discounted them for the longest time. Up until early 2000. I thought the player was nice. Not the best, but nice. You should also consider the Jolida 603. I find it to be also a good tube CD player. Have to say the Dynaco sounds faster and neutral. The Jolida more dark, slow, relaxed, and sweet. Jolida also more dynamic, with stronger bass response. I have not heard the Jolida with an upgraded set of tubes, however. And that could make all the difference in the world. Could take the player in many different directions. I don't know if the Dynaco has a digital out, but that would be MY main criteria in a player. Upsampling may become the hot ticket, and using a player with digital out would be your entry to this world. I just bought a Cambridge D500 SE. It features a 24 bit/192 kHz DAC. I find it to sound better than most of the inexpensive(sub $1500 - $2000) players of the days(mid to late 90's) that this Dynaco was being manufactured. Personally, I would spend that $400 on the Cambridge. Especially if you already own tube equipment. But, if you have no other tubes in your system, and want to get some of that magic, then this Dynaco or the new Jolida are good ways to go.
Hey Trelja, I've tried to get info on the Cambridge but have had no luck. Their web page gives no info. Where did you get yours and do you know where I can get some info on this player?
Hello Artemus5. To check out information on this player on the web, please go to Audio Advisor's website(www.audioadvisor.com). They also offer a very easy return policy, and a $50 discount. Offering the player for $399, as opposed to the $450 list. I auditioned and bought my player from a local dealer. Community Audio, in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. About five minutes from my home. He is not on Audiogon, but I am sure you could deal with him if you really wanted. Many internet shoppers use Audio Advisor instead of this type of dealer. I consider the owner, John Adams a personal friend, and one of the best people I have ever met in audio. While I do not give him all of my business, if I can buy something from him, I do. He carries Cambridge, Creek, Electrocompaniet, Jolida, Linn, NAD, Near, Nova, Osborn, Rega, Rogue, Sound Dynamics, Thor, Totem, etc. Excellent brands, excellent person.