Has anyone heard consonance eric line of speakers?

Considering Usher cp-730 floors but front port on consonance makes for easier placement,Using Rotel 1060 integrated and marantz universal player

I heard them at Consonance's showroom in Hong Kong, driven by a Consonance Opera Cyber 10 integrated and their reference SACD player. The room wasn't optimized but the sound was similar to the Sonus Faber speakers they had on hand. The Eric speaker is attractive and very well braced; the weight and the knuckle test confirmed the cabinet quality. As for the sound...the bottom end was tight and quick, midrange was liquid (maybe a bit recessed though) and the top-end was clean without any glare. The imaging was "okay"; the showroom didn't allow for much set-up experimentation. Like all good monitors they will benefit from good stands.