Has anyone heard avalons vs audio physic

indra vs avanti or avantera
Hi George99sa,

I wrote a review for my website hometheaterreview.com on the Audio Physic Avantera which earned my highest rating and is a great speaker. Compared to Avalon Indra, which I have listened to, I believe the Avantera is much more dynamic with more micro-details, better precise imaging, and throws a bigger soundstage. Both are excellent speakers, but for my personal taste I like the Audio Physic speaker better.
I never liked Avalon Eidolons whenever I heard them at shows and stores because they always seemed dull and sleepy by comparison. They were very highly suggested by two people I barely know who are in the industry and who have the opportunity to listen to much of what is available in actual side by side comparison to what they are producing and what they are using as their reference equipment.

Even so it seemed to me that there were many other speakers that were more dynamic, did louder bass, more sparkling highs. Trusting my own inexperienced ears I went through three of these other speakers as well as a host of electronics. I didn't even realizes that in the end all I was listening to was my system I didn't even realize my dissatisfaction.

A few years had passed and the Eidolon remained unchanged while the speakers I had chosen as well as many others I was interested in had new ramped up models almost yearly.

A pair of original owner Eidolons became available at a very reasonable price well under their used market price which made the possibility of resale easy.
That was a long time ago. Since then I have recently upgraded my digital playback as well as a new Ruby Z phono cartridge. There was nothing wrong with my electronics.

Obviously, this should sound like a tail of one's subjective taste fulfilled, and it is. Avalons generally require a great deal of room. Go online and check out their setup procedure. If you can't put them and your seating position where they belong I don't think you're going to hear the magic. Now that I've lived with them most other speaker systems simply don't sound right to me and I don't know why.

Something I never counted on with my Avalons. You'll notice their faceted appearance has been copied in one way or another more than probably anything else in home audio. Their appearance out in the middle of our living room is stunning. After all these years of ownership I have yet to tire of their appearance, the craftsmanship is outstanding. Again, subjective taste fulfilled.
Thanks guys I've been thinking It's time to move beyond my Zen Adagios and these are my choices as an exit speaker my amps are nuforce 9v3se these should work on either loadspeaker I would think.
I have to say I agree with Vic. Avalon was the first dynamic cone speaker for me that could make coherent sense of music. Before them I never thought I would be able to part with stats. In comparison with Avalon most other speakers sound so disjointed. My Eidolon Diamonds reproduce music as I hear it 'live' and I find this natural quality to be addictive. Good luck finding the speaker that you enjoy.
I only have experience with the Avantera having listened to it couple of times at a friend's place. Typical German quality - neutral, clean, detailed and dynamic. It hits hard and go low down the frequency spectrum. There isn't any disjoint between the side-firing woofers and midrange drivers on the front baffle as the transition between the bass and midrange is quite seamless. It seems as if there is no character to the Audio Physics, an absence of "house sound" that is inherent in most loudspeakers making each and every one of them distinct and unique.

I have not heard the Avalons but do know they are excellent speakers as well. At this sort of price range an audition will be necessary. When it comes to speaker selection, all bets are off as listening preferences, room and equipment matching come into play.
Despite all the inexperienced BS negativity people like to pile on switching amplifiers we've been enjoying the stunningly non-fatiguing presentation of a pair of NuForce V3SE's driving our Eidolons since we began with the version ones. I also have Ayre and MFA in the house.

I am getting a bit wound up about the Hypex nCores though.
I am also asking about the Avanteras; I've been listening for >6yrs to Avanti Vs and they are superb; as someone here said, they let the music through without much color and sound great in my listening room 23x13ft. SO I wonder if someone can tell me what great contribution to my sound will the Avanter's bring
I also heard the two speakers and I agree with Teajay and Ryder, but with the Nuforce amps I would go with the Indra. They are a more forgiving, a romantic sounding speaker as compared to any Audio Physic speaker, it's all about system matching. With the Audio Physic speaker, a little off and you are way off, just like tuning a Toyota versus a top fueled funny car.
Ehudgeller, early Avanti V's came with the first generation tweeter and different midrange and lower midrange drivers, the last version has the same drivers as the Avantera, I have heard both of these and are owned by 2 friends. There are 2 generations of the Avantera speaker, unfortunately I haven't heard any of them. A few months ago a friend of mine had listed on Audiogon the Cardeas speaker for about half the list price of the Avantera with no takers, that would be the speaker I would highly recommend.