Has anyone heard Audio Replas IC's?

I have on loan a pair of Audio Replas' latest interconnects. I'm curious if anyone else has any experience with these cables. I'm auditioning a 1M single-ended pair between my Pass Xono phono amp and my Pass XP-20 pre amp. I'm comparing them to a pair of Nordost Valkarie (spelling).
If you have them and are auditioning them in your system,why are you asking what someone else thinks of them?Just curious.
Well, that's a good question, Tpreaves. I see your point. This pair belongs to a friend who can't use them. I'm still evaluating them, though I find them a bit less neutral than my Nordost. They also have a warmer, more relaxed sound which is very nice while retaining lots of detail. I will decide which one to keep based on which I prefer in my system and where the price ends up. I'm just kind of curious if other people have heard these as they are rather rare in the US and I can't find any reviews. I'd just like to know more about the company and the reputation of its products, that's all.