Has anyone heard 'Audio Replas' cables/gear?

An audio friend and I have been discussing interconnects: New topic, right?

Having listened exhaustively, my friend says that his Aurum Acoustics CDP sounds best with the Audio Replas REF700 (now REF-RU9000SZ) Series interconnect. He claims there is a warmth and ease in listening that he's not had with any other IC. The cables are available in rca or xlr termination, and are very pure, silver-coated OFS copper, shielded with aluminum foil and a double copper mesh (hence triple shielded).

Audio Replas is a Japanese company, offering a number of products, some venturing into the "weird science" arena, somewhat like Acoustic Revive. Unlike the AR website, however, there is little informative data on the Audio Replas (www.audio-replas.com) page. Perhaps the Japanese version offers more information; as a Gaigin, knowing about 15 Kata- and Hiragana --all of which apply exclusively to Aikido-- I'm at sea with the Japanese rendition.

That said, has anyone heard of, auditioned, or lived with Audio Replas' interconnects, power cords,or any of their gear? Do you know if it's available in the US? The closest I can come to a dealer 'network' is Best Audio in Milan, Italy. If that's local, then this really *is* a global village.

As a Kokogin, I new enough to get in and out of stores. The distributor for Oyaide and AR also carries Replas. If you thought the Oyaide carbon wallplate($275)was expensive and the Acoustic Revive's version crazy($675), you'll almost drop-dead when you discover the cost Replas' offering.
I use their pure quartz insulators...and also the power wallplate.Very good products.
I recently heard and am still amazed at the Audio Replas quartz turntable weight. Immediately noticeable improvement in clarity and stage. Sounded like the volume was raised quite a bit but it was not touched and was totally a result of the record clamp. 42,050 item so it had better work and it really does. Just wish it was a lot cheaper so I could get one!
Dan at www.blackbirdaudio.com can get their stuff here in the states
LOL... actually, the Audio Replas OPS-1 HR LP stabilizer is $2050.00. the typo in Connorjr33's entry makes for more confusion. Thanks for posting that just the same, Bob.

The LP stabilizer is a real wonder. Anyone that has had the opportunity to A/B playback in our system using the OPS-1 HR have come away impressed.