Has anyone heard a Xindak V-30 integrated AMP?

I have been considering the purchase of a tube integrated amplifier and had settled on one from Cayin. (the 70-T) Recently, I saw an ad for the Xindak and don't have anywhere to hear one locally. I am planing to match it with Merlin speakers TSM's, and a tubed CD front end. I have a smallish listening room, 12X14, and prefer jazz music, although my music collection includes a lot of R & B as well as vintage Rock. I do intend to add a turntable in the near future.
I bought mine at RMAF 2008 I have it paired with Audio Aero CD and VSA 4jr It is my first trip to tubetown and I love it. The only way I know to describe the sound is Juicey, you can tell the strings are round. I also have a soundstage that is wide and deep. as I said this is my first, so when I needed to bias for first time I had a tech show me. the bad part is you have to take the base apart. When he did he said it was a very well made product(70 lbs.) with quality parts and easy to navigate inside.
I have experienced the same attention to detail in the sound of tube gear. It sounds like you are happy with the sound. What kind of music are you listening to predominantly? I have found that the watt rating for tube gear is very misleading in that it seems 50 to 80 watts in tube gear is sufficient for most applications, whereas I had an amp that had 225 watts (transistor) and it was needed to get the bass response I preferred. Does the Xindak have a warranty? It does appear to be made well (70 lbs.)
i own a player from them and loved it.....used it with a cayin int. , ha , and thought the player was great....i would not hesitate in buying their product, it is built like a tank and should be rock solid. check out my system beside my name and you will see the silver player....if you like their looks, interesting...
The Lotus Group is the distributor. Not sure about warranty, that was not discussed when I bought it.He had it playing with Dynaudio C1's. I baught it from Calvin with the Lotus Group. I have e-mailed him with questions and he responded every time with answer. The 50 watts is fine 90 percent of the time. Right know I'm listening to E.L.P."You Turn Me On" I've been listening to alot of older rock lately with all the remastered stuff.. It has 3 inputs and no outputs Very nice looking.