Has anyone heard a Glow Amp?

Just last week I saw a ad for a Glow Amp for sale here on AudiogoN.
This was the first time I have heard of this amp.
I was told by a audio bud these have been selling for approx.1 year.
I check 'new today' daily,but as I've mentioned,last week was the first one I've seen for sale. It was a used Glow Amp for sale.
I did some reading up on the Glow Amp inc. several reviews and it seems this Chinese built amp is a way over achiever,esp.for the price of <$500 shipped in the states.
I've read some feel it is overpriced,but if the reviews are to be believed,imo the amp is a steal.
Does anyone have any 1st hand experience with this amp?
I'll have one in a few days, can let you know then.

I have several SET amps but have been wanting an EL84 amp for awhile. This being SE is a bonus.

Overpriced? Bigger transformers, point to point wiring, nice aesthetics, these add up plus the US dollar has been taking a beating, but even at 488, it has to walk the walk.

We'll see.
Do some searching on over at Headfi.com. There is also a review over at: