Has anyone hear the Anthony Gallo 5LS Towers?

Please reply to this with feedback and setup of these speakers. O am curious as to their performance for a particular room application. Thanks in advance.
I heard them at Sound Images in Northern Virginia. They were on big 4" Mapleshade platforms, a "must" according to the salesman, quoting Anthony Gallo. I don't believe the setup was optimum -- too near the back wall for one thing. The specific CJ and Ayre electronics were not familiar to me. That said, I thought they sounded very good, but not THAT much better than my Gallo Ref 3s. Very ample bass, despite the (multitude of) small drivers. That's the best I can do. Dave
I heard them here in LA's western suburbs and would agree with Dopogue. Very good sounding, but so are the Gallo 3.X. These look a helluva lot nicer, however. The setup was in a large room with tube mono amps (can't recall which) and Integra SS pre and cdp.

Good Luck,

Hey Marty. I just heard them as well setup on Mcintosh amps. It looked like the setup was correct in a 16x23 room. They played them against the 3.X's and the 5Ls sounded much better. that is why I am guessing the setup was done well inthis demo. The looks are preferable and they threw a nice stage. They had the Gallo sub amp running on the speakers as well, btw. I am seriously considering buying them now.
Glad you liked 'em so much. I didn't get a head to head comparison with the 3's, so you undoubtedly got a better read on the relative capabilities of these two models than I did. Either way, the 5 is a great sounding and looking system, for sure.

I went to demo the 5LS's again and there was another person there that was seriously considering them. We got to talking and now am thinking of a group buy. Is ther eanyone out there interested? Obviously, substantial savings are what we are after.