has anyone headr the new Aerial 20 t's and how do

I have the Aerial 10 t's , 2 sw 12 subs cc5 center and Aerial 10 t's for surrounds. Running system is 2 BAT 6200 multichannel amps and am bi amping front 3. Meridian 861 processor and CAL 2500 dvd and BAT vkd5-se cd . All on Nordost spm s . Runco 1000 c dlp on 82 in firehawk ends system Like metal personally but listen to Janice Ian "breaking Silence " and all Patricia Barber as well as Dean Peer " its all good " for music. Nine *Inch Nails " fragile " and Metallica " black " also good sounding discs.Favorite new band and disc ; Rammsteins " Mutter".
I've heard them briefly under strange conditions and certainly not with anything like the music you list. Any conclusions would be unreasonable. They do have potential but more extended auditioning would be justified before plopping down $20K+.

Any reason you don't use 2-LR3 for Rear Speaker?
I have recently been on an upgrade binge. I sold the Cal 2500 and got the Meridian 8oo v3 and moved out one set of 10 s and just got the Aerial 20 t s so there has been some system shake up as of late . To answer the ? , I felt matched speakers would be optimum for a multichannel system vs the lr3 s. I set up all systems for either 2 channel {downstairs} or multichannel {theatre} and if set up properly , will do movies just fine. I however love the lr3 s and dont see any reason you should not be thrilled with them. Aerial is a great company.
the new aerial 20t's are awesome!! I consider them hi end all the way.