Has anyone had this problem with their Anthem CD-1

Hi Everyone,

I have an Anthem CD-1 CD player which I really like but I'm having problems with it. It has problems playing some burned CDs, particularly those which are colored/tinted specific colors such as purple. It was playing blue ones of the same brand (Maxell) without any problems but now it's even started to have problems with those as well.

The problem I'm referring to is that the problem CDs sound very noisy like there's a bunch of static in the mix. It's really bad on some CDs but those CDs play nice and clear on other players.

The Anthem plays commercial CDs just fine and also it plays most uncolored/tinted burned CDs ok too, but not all.

Anybody have similar problems with their Anthem CD-1? If so, did you find the cause or solution? If so, what was it?

The service center here in Canada says I need to send it in for diagnosis and repair but I thought I'd check with this forum to see if anyone has had a similar problem with their CD-1 and what they did to remedy it before I sent it in and got some expensive repairs done on it.

Oh, yeah, I should mention that I got into the thing and tried cleaning the laser lens in case it had a bunch of dust on it but that didn't do anything to remedy the problem.

Thanks in advance.
I recently sold my CD-1 after 13 years of highly reliable use. During that time the only problem I had was with burned CD's. Some brands (e.g. Blue face HP CDR 52x 700MB data,) would not play at all after being properly burned. My experience with SOME Verbatim CDR's was similar to yours regardless of color. My solution was was to use Mitsui (or Taiyo Yuden) Silver Thermal CDR's exclusively. I have NEVER had a problem with the CD-1 reading or playing those discs.

I would try burning to one of these discs and see if the problem goes away. If so, easy solution and no questionable need for repair! The only other problem I can think of might lie in either the burning software you are using or the actual CD burner disc drive (assuming the use of a PC for this purpose). I had some sporadic problems with burning but they all went away when I used Easy CD Creator software and a Plextor drive. BTW, I really loved that Anthem!