Has anyone had success converting friends?

As many times as I invite friends over to listen to my stereo and explain to them the virtues of a great system, none of them ever catch the bug. All of them are extremely passionate about music and are intrigued by my set-up, none of them ever go out and buy good stuff. This is frustrating. I see them spend money on a bunch of other things, but never good audio. I have been unsuccessful at converting one single person to the audiophile bug.
This is why most people preach to the choir
the rest aren't either tuned in or even listening
We all have our priorities
for some it is travel, others food, live entertainment, rare books, antiques, gardening, sports, all the 1001+ distractions we humans enjoy. Suffice it that they come over and as a good host you introduce them to good music, food(?), conversation and a good time, in their way they do the same.
Viva l'differance, please forgive my spelling
Yep. Same with me Fruff1976. My friends are almost all music nuts, but still they don't care about audio. The common excuse is that great performances are often audio low quality, so why obsess about sound quality rather than performance? Oy. And its not like these people don't have the money. However the one person I have converted is the only one that matters: my wife. She was almost as excited as I was when I got my new amp!
Nope. I have a friend who is a major musicophiliac. He listens to more music than I do, has close to 3000 CDs, hundreds of DVDs, gets all wet over high-def TV, and yet, he's perfectly satisfied with his satellites and "bass module" audio. Go figure! When I made an offer to him to come listen to my new system, he wasn't the least bit interested. To him, it's not about quality, or perhaps, he's not truly aware of what he's not hearing or how much he's missing when he listens to music. So what's the big deal? Some people wouldn't think of driving anything less than a high performance vehicle, others don't care if their car gives up when they put the pedal to the floor. Some people would rather put frozen 'pizza' in their bodies than a fresh home-grown tomato, basil, and mozzarella di buffala.

And I'm perfectly happy projecting SD on a white wall. Go figure!
Yes, my best buddy. His competitive personality however sometimes gets the most of him. We have similar taste in gear....not so much in music though.
Since we also work together.........most of our conversations are audio related. He bought his latest system base on my recommendation (for the first time) and absolutly loves it......and it cost him about half of his previous system.
He loves that even more.


No, not really. My best friend was interested in a half-hearted way when we were younger, and he didn't have kids yet. He still listens to music while he does other things, but he couldn't care less about the equipment any more. As far as other friends and aquaintances go, they think that I am a crazy spendthrift who is obsessed with this "stuff". I also find that many other people who learn of my interest think that the purpose of a high end system is to listen to music at loud volumes. I get this all of the time.
Take a non-audiophile friend who passionately loves some piece of music in to listen to your killer rig and play it for them. If the soundstage is just right, there is a moment where you will both know that they 'got it'. What happens after that is so disappointing: they might say "yeah that was great. so what". And then they go home to hear it again on their crappy Japanese reciever as if nothing ever happened. So frustrating.
Conversions are for missionaries.
After seeing and meeting some in our circles I have to ask "Audiophiles have friends?"
One nad a half. He bought a Rega P3 TT, Krell '300 intergrated and used Vandy 3's. His ex-girlfriend bought some Soliliquy 6.3's and a quality receiver.
Everyone I know loves music. Three more play guitar and
drums, and pretty damn well. And not a single one is into
equipment like we are here. The closest one would be my brother-in-law (guitar, piano, bass) that would have a
hi-end component, and that's an old pair of Design Acoustic
speakers, with which he is completely happy.
Everyone I know loves my equipment, but at the end, they think I'm nuts as to the extent I have gone just to listen to music.
Since getting large three ways I have the opposite experience. People always ask - generally the reaction is OMG that sounds so real - especially drums.

I admit I rarely get the "jaw dropped on the floor reaction" at modest music levels. Lets face it a cheap pair of audioengine speakers at the local Mac dealer is pretty good. And the average car stereo is 10x better than what it was in the 70's. There is stiff competition out there.

I think it reflects the fact that most systems - even cheap ones - are good enough sounding to most people (non audiophiles) at modest levels.

IMHO, to impress/knock socks off you really need to present the live music experience with total clarity and definition - in essence do something that the majority of systems are incapable of - reproduce a band at realistic sound levels.
nope but two ladies came to my door trying to convert me to mormon. I just stared blanky and stated "no hablo mormado i'm an audiophile" and they said "May Jesus heal you", and left without even handing me a leaflet. It was that bad.
No my friends could care less and especially if they knew the financial investment I've made.
Been in this hobby 27 years. Up until about 16 years ago coworkers and friends were coming up to me to set them up.
Gradually that has changed. The last 10 years it has been almost impossible to talk about it. Surround sound and DVDs and even car radios has taken over. I like music to be as pure as possible within my financial abilities. Most people around here just like noise. However I do have several friends that have nice systems and they come to me for advice plus we have fun talking about music and the components. Sad to see how most people support junk and throw there money away though.
I've helped several friends put together very nice systems after they became interested because of listening to my system. The difference between them and me, though, is that after they got their very nice system, they had absolutely no interest in changing it. They love the sound and they love the music but they think the idea of constantly upgrading is nuts. I agree with them, I just can't help it.
I'm able to snare one every 10-12 years or so...not that they don't go down kicking.

Most people I know are not very interested in music and don't know much about music. When they see my system they barely have a clue and don't even know how to ask questions. They think it's strange to sit there and just listen to music - they will say something like, "Well, I just can't sit and do nothing, I need to be moving around constantly doing something." They can barely sit through for one song. The few that do enjoy don't think my system is necessary, although they realize it sounds better then anything they've ever heard... "For that money I would of gotten a Harley or a boat, or even a Vette." To each their own.