Has anyone had eperience with the new sony xa5400e

Just wanted to see how many people have actually used this player and what were there thoughts on it
Try search. There's already a nice long thread about it.

I bought the 5400 about 4 months ago, and I am very happy with it. I read every review I could find before I bought it. Many members have done a/b tests with the older models, including the scd -1 , and I cant find a single complaint about the 5400. In fact, it was said by all to exceed the previous sony models in sound quality. Considering people want nearly as much for 9000,s and more for the old scd-1 , I think its a hell of a deal. And it beats out the old players even with modifications. Its easy on the ears and does a good job.For the price, I dont think you can beat it. Cd sound can only go so far, if you want much more you might have to buy an old reel to reel. OUCH!. Don't hesitate to buy a 5400.

I've had the Sony XA5400ES about 7-8 months.
I've been using it with an Onkyo 876 HT receiver.
I used it for some months with a Cambridge 840W/840E combo
before selling the Cambridge.

The Sony has a problem starting discs from 00:00 unless you leave the disc tray open and press the "Play" button on the remote control. It skips a second of the program if the tray is closed when you press play.

The remote is cheap and, despite having plenty of free "real estate", they make the play button the same size as pause and stop.

Another thing I don't like is that you must press the power button before you can use any functions.
My previous (Sony) SACD player ($215) would power-up automatically when you press the "Tray Open" button, etc.

The sound is very dynamic (CD and SACD) and certainly does nothing "wrong", but does not have the "cut above" Blue-Ribbon sound I remember from my Rega Apollo/BAT 300X-SE system (lacks soundstage pecision and the feeling that you're getting 99.9% of what is on the disc. Musicallity also comes up short).

I'm doing my best to re-acquire the BAT and I'll give you an update when this happens.
I remember that long thread and rather enthusiastic reviews. I also remember thinking that it does not have a digital input, and that if I get another cd player I'd like it to serve as a DAC for my computer also. This may or may not be an issue for you.
I read that thread about the sony and I wasent sure I beleived everything, not that i thought people were lieing, Have you ever met a bunch of people who all have the same thing and they never say anything negative about it, so you wonder if there realy being objective, or are they just complimenting there own equipment. Thats kinda how I felt when I read it.
Has anyone on here tried anything from esoteric or naim?
I havent decided on the sony just yet.
where have you been...

The 5400ES has received more press, than ALL Sony
products combined.

Check out all the forums.

Some consider it the "greatest thing since the microwave!"


Oh and "experience" with the Sony, is what you meant,

What about Marantz,
"Ken Ishiwata is probably the highest profile personality in this industry. An eloquent talker and stylish dresser, he is courted by the worldÂ’s press and instantly recognised by the buying public. Nonetheless, few people appreciate the depth of his involvement with the company for which he has worked for more than two decades, Marantz." -The British Audio Journal-

Never A-B tested the two, but with the Level 2 Underwood Modifications, the Marantz has to be heard to appreciate.

I Love My Music!
Jonnyblaze: That's the risk of forums like these.
Do you think most owners will say anything negative about something they own and may want to sell in the future?
"Do you think most owners will say anything negative about something they own and may want to sell in the future?"

Well, that's certainly a possibility. It's also possible that the player is actually very good. I guess you might be forced into the horrible possiblity of listening to the thing before making a purchase.
Dweller,sounds like your unit has a problem,as mine does not exibit that behaviour. Jonnyblaze, if you dont beleive the people why bother with the question? It seems that most people on this forum that have tried it are impressed with it,(me being one). I think its a great value for the $, but I'm not saying it's the greatest player under 10k or any of the other claims that some have made. It replaced an AudioAero Prima in my system and to my ears has been an improvement. As always,try to get it into your system and see what YOU think.
I never heard it anywhere either, no place to listen to it hear. BUT, this is the first thread were people honestly did not describe it as the savior to audiophiles everywhere. I love the sound of my NAD Master Series M5, more expensive then the Sony by a bit, but it sucks to many, so who's to say ??
Winoguy17, I asked the question because I was hoping to get answers from people that were more than "this player is soo soo great, which I have recieved on this thread. People keep saying its a great value for the money, but for the price its listed as new is there somthing better used. Ill give an example my brother bought a used Acura for the same price as a new Kia. The Kia is a great value for the money, a new car for 13000. For 13000 I can get a nice lightly used acura which I would much rather have. Im not suggesting that the sony is like a kia, I know its a great player I just want to find out if theres somthing better used for the same money. Infact Ive narrowed it down to 2 other players which I have heard and liked, the esoteric dv50s or the naim cd5i. Being that Ive heard those 2 players and like them I would normally buy one of those, but Ive been so taken in by this sony player I thought Id check it out before I pulled the trigger on the naim or esoteric
I really like it in my system. I don't know of any used cdp's that might improve on it for the new price of the 5400 (I paid 1100) If you already have some sacd's and your current player isn't working out- I'd say go for it, if you can spare the cash right now.
How does this compare to the Marantz Ki Pearl player? Has anybody heard both?

What the hell do you expect people to say if they are indeed satisfied with the 5400ES? In my system it replaced a very good sounding DVP-S9000ES; my only other comparison is an Esoteric SA-60 in my cousin's system. The 5400ES portrays timbre extremely well, and has excellent frequency and dynamic range. Soundstage is very good. Compared to the unit it replaced, it sounds smoother yet with more detail and better low frequency response. Although I really like the Esoteric SA-60, I suspect in a side-by-side comparison I'd pick the 5400ES every time even without factoring in cost.

My vintage processor does not have HDMI, so I've only used the analog XLR from the 5400ES.

I had it, liked it very much, thought it was an absolute steal for the $$. Sold it because it did not surpass my CEC TL1X/Dodson 218 combo, which costs considerably more. But if I were looking for a one-box for less than $5K, I certainly would seriously consider the Sony. Very musical and easy to live with.

Another happy 5400 owner here. Replaced a Rega Saturn.
WHAT THE HELL I WANT, Is exactly what Ive seen on here the guy just after you who actually made a productive post was just what I was looking for. He told me just what I was looking for he said its not the end all player, infact he sold it for somthing he said was much better, this to me establishes credibility for what he says afterwards, which is he thought the player couldnt be beat for anything under 5k. That is the kind of post I enjoy reading and can help a guy make a educated choice.
I very much appretiate every one that has posted on here, this thread has been so helpfull, It seems that sony player must be quite a player.
I love the Sony 5400 es. I have compared it to many much more expensive players such as the Ayre, McIntosh, Arcam, all of which were good and had many strengths. However, my vote goes for the Sony for overall sound quality, ease of use and function. I have owned 11 different brands and models by the way, including another Sony.
Am replacing a Rega Planet. Strongly leaning toward the 5400. But also considering a Modded Oppo BDP-83SE at a lot more money. Even an older Sony XA900ES modded by Wright(&Kern). Anyone ever had a chance to compare these? Or feel like expressing an opinion (even if you have heard them)?

Will be used with Pass Aleph 5 amp & P Preamp, Cardas Golden Cross cabling.
I own the Sony 5400 and it is a true bargain and IMO nothing can beat it for under $4000. I can tell you one thing ot is a breakthough in Upgrades the Terafirma lite masterclock for it is so much more and addresses
many things that all others did not .I heard this unit before and after and the previous clock was a Audiocom 4 .
This destroyed itI am getting their top clock which is $2650, which is a external clock . the Lite versionis totally internal and is $1550 .My tech actually is taking a few hundred off in may, check them out
I failed to mention the 5400 is allready good with the
Swiss TerraFirma clock you would be hard pressed to find better at $10k , for it went toe to toe with a Sony 9000
with the highest previous mod #7 .That is saying loads for a total investment at under $3500 !
My reading of the specifications is NO.
This is late in history to start putting big bucks into cd players - which could argue for the modestly price / high performing 5400.
But lack of digital input makes it a harder sell for me or anyone looking at moving into PC-based audio.
No, no digital input. What do you expect for $1500?

I have just ordered the 5400es and awaiting it's arrival. I'm just wondering if it will be as good as my faithful Theta Miles. Having digital IN is a plus and one might want to consider the Cambridge Azur 840 for those inputs. I heard the Cambridge and it was very good, but I didn't get a chance to do a side by side review. I have Rogue Mono blocks and pre amp, I hope they like their new electrical friend.
I'm thinking that a digital input might be a very inexpensive feature for a manufacturer to add to a cd player. I don't know this for sure though.