Has anyone had any problem using Mikro-Smooth?

Has anyone had any problems using Mikro-Smooth (Mapleshade) on some SACD's and rendering them unplayable? I use Mikro-Smooth and then follow it up with Optrix! No problems with Optrix, but Mikro-Smooth sometimes causes the SACD to be unplayable even after following up with Optrix. Not on all, but some. Any help out there fellow Audiophiles?
I had problems with the Mikro-smooth...I followed the instructions and made a now out print disc unplayable. I was not happy.....I don't think the ''stuff'' worked anyway. I could not tell any difference after it was applied on some of the disc's before it destroyed one of my favorites.
No problems here. Used it on a lot of CDs and SACDs. Good stuff, IMO, but I Ilike Walker Vivid a little better. Dave
I use Meguiars automotive product "Scratch X"
$7 tube, lasts forever, does a fantastic job on tiny marks (not so good a real (deep) scratches)
I use it on all CDs.