Has anyone had any experience with Decware's SE34

I'm in the market for a integrated tube amplifier. My budget is $1,000 to $2,000. I'm considering Decware's SE34-I to mate with
my vintage Klipsch Heresy speakers. I listen to rock, jazz, blues, and classical music. My listening room is 12 x 24.

I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this particular integrated, or perhaps, other Decware amplifiers.
My reason for not thinking about separates is mainly due to budget

My current system:
Yamaha AX- 500U integrated amplifier.
Rotel RCD-965-BX
Rega Planar 3 w/ Rega Elys
Klipsch Heresy 1978 vintage
original Monster Cable speaker cable
Hsu VTF-2
Lehman black cube with standard power supply
VPI 16.5

Any suggestions on powercables, speaker cable and interconnect
cables to match the synergy of my system would be greatly appreciated. Any thoughts or suggestions concerning tube amplifiers are warmly welcomed.
Do not want to veer off topic, but have you considered a SS alternative? I have a 47 Labs Shigaraki integrated, as well as a Final Music 6 battery powered amplifier. Both, the first with 20 watts and the second with 10 watts of battery power have surpassed my 300B amp tubed with WE matched sets in the resolution department. I think the efficiency of your speakers can match beautifully with the 47 Labs amplifiers. BTW, both are incredible quiet, something that tubed amplifiers have problems with. I think this is the new wave....this is no understatement for I have owned from high powered tube amps as SF Power 2, and presently own the Assemblage 300B Platinum edition, not a sloucher but cannot hold a candle to these newer amps. I also run a powered subwoofer with my fullrange horn loaded speakers. The Shigaraki takes 3 inputs and has a tape loop. I would not overlook the 47 Labs if I were you.

PS: My dream, when I move to a larger house is to pair my Final Music 6 off with a pair of Klipsch La Scalas.
Thank you for your input Bemopti123! I'm not familiar with the 47 Labs Shigaraki. How much is the 47 Labs Shigaraki new or used?
I see that I need to do more research.

Do you know anything about the Aronov 960I? Another fellow Audiogoner has offered to sell me a used Aronov 960I for $1,000.
Should I even consider it. What other tube amplifiers would you recommend in the $1,000 to $3,000 range, new or used.

I'm also considering Eastern Electric's Mini-amp, The AES Super amp and AES preamp. Any others.

I look forward to your response.
The Aronov, I have heard are very good, also the AES amps, nevertheless, if it is possible, you should attempt to audition the integrateds I have refer to. Why? They do not have the tube swapping factor involved, as well as being rather small, original with a great jump factor. Currently my main rig is centered around the Final Music 5 and 6, amp and preamp, entirely battery powered with C and D batteries. I do not think I will change anything in my set up for the forceable future. The Shigaraki integrated amp, I have in a secondary system, but prior to that, it was my main amp for about 1 month....hadn't it been for a great offer that was made to me, I would have kept it there, but even now, it sings beautifully. It has the grunt to make medium efficiency speakers come alive but with high efficiency ones, you WILL be blown away. The midrange might not be SET like, but it is about 95%. I can attest to this, as I compared it with the 300Bs. The excitement with the pseudo midrange warmth of a SET. Check the reviews at 6moons. How SrabaenIf you have any questions about this, drop me a line. I do not think there is a better amp out there, period.

Many full fledged audiophiles have gone the 47 Labs way. It is not that they do not have the means to acquire gear, they do, but there is something incredibly remarkable about the purity of its sonic execution.

Greetings Bemopti123,

I wanted to let you know that I did read the review of the 47 Labs
Shigaraki on the 6moons site. I found it very interesting and informative. Especially, the auditioning of the YBA Integra, Unison's Unico, and of course the Shigaraki.

What do you know about the Unison Unico and the Underwood
Audio mod.1 and mod.2 modifications? It seems that the Unico
Mod.2 Hybrid integrated would be an interesting amplifier to
consider. Also, The Pathos Classic would be another amplifier to consider, I would think. Any thoughts?

Thanks again for making me aware of 47 Labs. I have much to
think about.
The Pathos Classic is suppose to be a really good amplifier. It is tubes on the input section with solid state transistors for the output. No op-amp stuff here.
There is a review in a previous issue of Stereophile (Nov, Dec or Jan - I don't remember). Also, search on the Audio Asylum "Amp-Preamp" forum and you will find some owner comments. If you can afford it then I would lean in this direction. I believe the dealers for this amp offer a 30-day trial.

The Unico's also come highly recommended. I doubt you could go wrong here either. Call Walter at Underwood HI Fi and talk to him.
In consideration of the type of speaker you have, your goal should be the best possible quality and disregard the wattage issue. If I am not mistaken, your speakers are very sensitive and this you can take advantage off by pairing them with the fewest but most the high quality watts you can afford. The higher powered integrated, such as the YBA and also the Unison Unico simply have too much circuitry between the original signal and the output stage. Perhaps that is what the 6moons reviewer noticed when he was comparing all three amps.
Not to discredit the Unico, because I have not heard it, but you might be able to by pass what I went to in order to get to where I am right now. The lesser watts I got to amplify my speakers, the better my system has gotten. Amazing, but it is true. You should go to audition some of these pieces.
I just want to share the joy I have gotten from listening to my Shigaraki and also to my Final Music 6, the latter which I consider the FINEST amplifier I have ever heard to date, regardless of cost.
Thanks to everyone who has responded to my thread. I have alot of research ahead, but thats part of the fun! Thank you for sharing
your knowledge and experience. It is greatly appreciated!