Has anyone had any experience using a MELCO tt ?

Hello, I was looking to upgrade my turntable and was thinking of tracking down a MELCO turntable. Does anyone on the forum have any listening experience with one? Do both models sound the same or does the heavier one the 3555? better sonically? I would appreciate any feedback on the Melco any owners or previous owners could give. While were at it how would one compare to a highend Micro Seiki say the RX3000? All replies to list would be helpfull. What should I pay for one? there doesn't seem like there are many for sale. Thanks
I have not heard a Melco but someone I trust who has heard Melcos and all the relevant Micros told me that comparable Micros would be the larger models (5000 and 8000 series, with a possible nod to the 1500). Given the mass involved on the 3560 (haven't seen a 3555 so cannot say), and the possibilities for changing to a new separate motor (like ones offered by Teres & Galibier), his view sounds reasonable to me. I live in Japan but I see Melcos on the market only once in a blue moon (and when they do appear, they are rarely "complete" or "original" - and prices are more than Micro 1500s with less attached (no arm, suspect motor)). Perhaps your market is different. If it were me, I might scoop one up if it were offered cheap, but I wouldn't necessarily hold my breath waiting for the right one to come around.
Thanks T Bone, I appreciate you and your buddys thoughts. As I was offered a mint 3560 but its not cheap and I have managed to find a couple in Japan but have not seen pics yet. I have an RX 1500 now and was thinking of upgrading and wondered if the Melco would be worth the extra cost? I guess cheap or reasonable is the key word, as the one I was offered certainly was not either? Cheers thanks for your reply.
Thanks Fihihifi. I would be happy to get a mail from you with more info if you manage to find a 3560 (or other) in Japan that you decide not to purchase. I can also reflect impressions on price info regarding the one you were offered based on what I see here.

As for "worth it"? I do not know. I haven't heard one, BUT for me, if the bearing is good/replaceable (and I don't know thing 1 about the bearing), then one is buying a mammoth stainless or gunmetal platter with stand, where armboards and motor could be sourced separately - very modular if you're into that kind of thing. Though, doing that would not be cheap either...
Hey T Bone well I will keep you posted , and I am not sure what the bearings were like either? Which makes me wonder, as I almost think I could have a better tt built If I could source the proper metal. As cnc machines make quick work of a solid slab of metal now. Figuring out the Bearing set up would be the hardest I would think? I have not heard back yet about the ones in japan, I have been trying to track down an old buddy as he speaks Japanese. I would skip the email route and phone direct. I also found others but they are either in Russia or Greece? I was on a site which appeared to be russian. Anyway thanks for your input, they may be just one of those novelty things I dont need at the price. Just for the fun I am going to ask my machinist about it as I know the metal is pricy,maybe he can do it as the Melco is not complicated. Regards Daren
Let me know for the Melco(s).

If you know a good machinist and you can source the metal, and what you really want is that kind of base and a great hunking slab of metal for a platter, you might dig around the Teres website. You could get a DC pulley or DD-motor and bearing there, machine your own platter, base, and arm-mount, and off you go. The bearing mechanism would have to be designed but you might be able to use some combination of Teres pieces and something else.

You might also be able to ask a TT-builder to build one to your spec. You might find, however, that a lot of the guys around like Chris Brady or Thom Mackris (Galibier) have spent a great deal more time than we have trying to figure out what works best, and one of theirs will not cost measurably more than doing it bit-by-bit...
Well I have thought about it before and the only thing that held me back was the metal as if you have to buy a new piece of stock from a metal supplier anything or 1 1/2 inches in bronze or stainless is crazy money. I may go the used industrial route and see what I can turn up. I would like to try a large bearing about the size of a baseball and maybe throw a compressed air in there to get rid of friction. I saw an arm like that on the net somewhere once, the whole arm pivoted on this huge oversized bearing. I was going to get a platter made of solid bronze for the Micro tt I had but had trouble sourcing 3" thick bronze, even solid steel would do as you could have it plated. I happen to have a 7 foot 4 inch pipe of Titianium already that would make great legs that you could fill with sand Maybe? I guess I am not going to get much input from other Melco owners so thanks for the info and your opinions.