Has anyone had a Shelter 501 retipped?

I'm trying to find info about getting my Shelter 501 retipped. Needle Doctor doesn't retip them and the e-mail I got from PhonoPhono seemed to say they may or may not be able to retip it. I would have to ship it to them and see. I have an e-mail in to Van Den Hul but I haven't heard back yet. If anyone has had a Shelter succesfully retipped, let me know where you had it done.
I don't think you can get them retiped.
If you really, really have to do it. Try this place: Expert Stylus (UK) retipping service +441372276604. They don't have a website or e-mail. I got this information from either here or on Vinyl Asylum.

" [They] will put a new aluminum cantilever and line contact stylus on a Clearaudio Virtuoso for only $150! better; stronger; faster---didididididididi". It's a good cartridge with the elliptical, but I think it'll smoke the stock version with the line contact. BTW, I asked what a high end MC rebuild was going for, and it's $393 for the full service and ultra low mass line contact stylus, using the existing boron cantilever. I think it's a VDH variation. He goes through the whole cartridge, cleans out the goo and magnetic debris (I love the way the British say debris) and actually listens to it."