Has anyone gotten a good discount from dealer on new technics turntables?

I'm looking at buying a 1200/1210GR before Christmas. I called the big box musician stores (and crutchfield)...just minimal discounts. My best luck in the past with other equipment has been with non big box audio dealers. However, the dealers I normally work with do not carry Technics. I assume the turntables are flying off the shelves so my desire for a good discount will probably come up empty. However, you never know. Someone may have a demo. I thought I would ask
I got a quote from a dealer a while back in Cherry Hill, NJ (forgot the name), it was around 15-17% off msrp
Another member here got a discount on the Technics SL1200G from USA Tube Audio.  I have never done business with them so I have no opinion.  When I bought mine, I did not ask for a discount from Adirondack Audio as I traded in my VPI Prime and got a great trade in deal.
I believe there is a 1200g used  on US-Canuck Audio mart for $4k Canadian. Seen it there the other day.
Yes, USA Tube Audio, Paul.
No luck with USA Tube audio. I guess the 1200gr series is flying off the shelves and hard to get. :(
Try Sunny Audio Video in Covina, CA.

How much is the SL1200GR?
Doubtful you will get a discount on a new turntable that only goes for 1699.00. The margin is probably pretty slim on it. Why be such a cheapskate, it’s not like it’s that much money in the first place. If you were looking at the 4K model then maybe you would get a discount, but not on one of the least expensive models. If you really need to feel you have saved money, then wait for a used one to turn up.
Why be such a cheapskate, it’s not like it’s that much money in the first place.


That advice sounds like its for your kids.  This place is for regular people trying to enjoy a hobby.  Keep that in mind in the future.
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@rdk777 "Keep that in mind in the future."

Unless you are the Moderator of this group, you have no business telling me what I can or can’t say. Please keep that in mind in the future..
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Well patience has paid off greatly. I just ordered a new, silver SL1200GR turntable. It will be shipped today. I am excited to be back in vinyl again after 30 years away
enjoy that great table .
Mostly people have starting point on budget when try something with new hobbies ,price matters in case analog not suitable.
me also start with oldest SL-1200 👍.

Care to share where you Purchased it from?