Has anyone experienced PNF Audio's cables?

I have just added an 8 foot PNF Audio Symphony bi-wire cable pair to my system (I already had PNF's one meter Icon interconnects between my Azur 640C and my Portal Audio Panache integrated amp), and they have catapulted my rig to new heights of listening bliss (they're hooked up to my Polk LSi15's). Incredible clarity & presence, palpable hall sound, timbre truthfulness, delicate & sweet decay -- superlatives, superlatives. What I'd like to know is: Are there any other Audiogoners who have auditioned these cables and can share their experiences on this forum? These cables are fantastic and there are very few postings about them; please post your thoughts and validate whether or not my use of superlatives is justified. These cables should not continue to be one of the best kept audio secrets.
Another guy with buyers remorse looking for validation. If they sound good to you great. What does it matter what other think unless you feel ripped off and are looking for someonelse to make you feel better.
i bought a pair on a lark for a decent price wanting to try out a different cable in my system. the cable i bought was supposed to be silver-plated copper. i think it was the symphony xl or something like that. when i got the cables, some of the heatshrink was coming loose. no biggie it thought, i'll just cut it off and recover with new heatshrink. when i peeled it back further, it became glaringly obvious that the cable was copper only. no silver-plating whatsoever. i emailed the seller who promptly refunded me my money. needless to say, i never purchased another pnf cable again.
Mapleleafs3: It's unfortunate that forum moderators allow the type of response you've provided. My posting is a sincere expression of appreciation for these cables -- my appreciation, no one else's. I would expect the A'gon discussion forum to exist for the purpose of sharing ideas and experiences constructively, rather than for misguided psycho-babble efforts that attempt to divine the impetus behind another member's writing.
Great, glad you are happy!

Maybe it has to do with, we have heard this all before; "Best kept audio secrets." I have also plugged a few brands but I am tired of the cable hype. Just want to listen to some music...
Sonic_genius: Point well taken -- thank you for your feedback. Good listening!