Has anyone experience with FM Acoustics.

There are three FMs for sale at Audio-Markt.de!
Is it worth the Money..
I have. I used to own the Res. Series 244C preamp and 611 amp. They sounded great, but ended up selling them because I needed to buy a new car and pay the rent for a year, which I did. The 611 amp did overheat and shut down when on max gain. I dunno if that was normal or not.

As far as worth the money. At the old prices from years ago, I would say yes. At the current prices, no. Way too high priced. This is not precious metals or diamonds we're talking about, it's audio equipment. There's nothing in there that is inherently valuable. But the FM sound is hard to beat. It is very, very, good. Anyway, even the used prices are kind of ridiculous, imo. How much are these units you're looking at and which models?
It is:

FM 122 Mark II ($6600) Phono

FM 155 ($5950) Pre

FM 10B ($14700) Amp

Serviced Jan. 2014

My experience has been looking at the prices and moving on. :-)
Yeah, that's what I've been doing. As I said before here and on other forums, I'm a bit sorry I sold it off. Because I probably won't have the opportunity to own them again, because of the extremely high price. And even if I did have $200k or so to spend, I wouldn't pay those kind of prices. Anyway, necessities came first, and life goes on...
This thread appears suspiciously to be a troll. The OP's only 2 posts are in the past 2 days and both are asking about FM Acoustics products at Audio-Markt.de. The username looks suspiciously like "FM Acoustics" as well.

My apologies if I interpreted this wrong, but I feel there are better ways of asking a (legitimate) question in the Audiogon forums.