Has anyone experience with a Luxman CX1 phono-amp?

After long years of playing cd's I like to explore the world of vinyl again. I've bought myself a used Denon DP 2500/Denon 103R and a Luxman CX1 phono. Where I live (The Netherlands) or on Audiogon I can't find any information about the CX1. I've tryed to connect the DP 2500 with the CX1 to the SE phono-entrance of the ARC Ref 3. Checked all the connections, put the frontselector of the CX1 to 'gain 20 or 30 db.' but absolute no sound. Tryed another TT (Sony 4750), no sound. I've connected the Sony (without CX1) to the ARC phono-entrance. You hear the TT play. The powerindicator of the CX1 lights up, the fuses seems to be okay. Ref 3 automatically changes from XLR to SE. Can there be a conflict SE/XLR on the Ref3 or with the CX1 (MM/MC) ?
Not likely but double check wiring again: TT wire to CX1 in, CX1 out to preamp phono in. Try with other preamp or hook it up to a powered computer-speakers or similar if you happen to have one. Mine is still working after 23 years. Very low noise and a smooth sounding phono-amp actually. Good match with Denon mc cart. IME.
Perhaps the rca connections and/or front switches are dirty? Give them a scrub and see if that helps things.

I've been trying to hunt down a schematic for the CX1, if either of you gents (or anybody else, for that matter) has one, please get in touch!

Is this the Pre amp on eBay?