Has anyone ever used pure note cables

i am looking to buy a great pair of balanced cables to hook up a casablunca 2 to a pair of bat vk60 monoblocks . has anyone heard of Pure note cables or better yet has anyone used them . thanks for your input i would like some feedback before i plop down six hundred bucks.
I have not heard them but Carl_eber mentions them in a thread here regarding Audioquest Diamond IC's. God bless.
I have 5 Pure Note signature cables running between my pre amp ( Anthem AVM2) and amp (Acurus 200x5). Before this I tried Kimber Heros and Audio Quest. The Pure Note cables after burn in time (200+ hours) sounded
sooooo much better. the soundstage just opened up. I was impressed. Had these cables recommended by a friend.
good listen Denny