Has ANYONE ever used A McIntosh 225 ?

All I want to know is if and what any strong points or weaknesses this unit nay have, or if anyone feels the MC - 30 monoblocks are superior and maybe why.
I used a 225 in a bedroom system and found myself using it as my main listening area. Not suitable for a large room but will out perform units costing much more, in the right room. I sold mine when the 7591's became hard to get. Wish I had it back now. I have had some experence with other Mac gear, it seems that the lower powered units always sounds best. The 225 certainly sounded better than the 240. Good luck and good listening.
My friend and I tried his Mac 225 in my system comparing it to my amp at that time (Sonic Frontiers Power2).To make a not so long story short he ended up buying my SF when I upgraded. The SF sounded better in all regards driving Martin Logan Prodigy's and Aeons.
Thank You For Your Responses. I appreciate the info.