Has anyone ever tried cables made with OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper?

I know cables made with OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper are manufactured by a few cable makers, some super expensive (neotechcable.com/) and some moderate.  Some sell bulk cable.
I'm looking at some from Ramm Audio, http://aecoustics.com.

In theory, it seems they should be better sounding.  Anyone have any experience with these?
Nothing new here ... OCC copper cables have been around now for a long time and there are many cable manufacturers offering them.
As far, in general,  OCC cables “sounding better”, there is no silver bullet upgrade and improvements solution here because,

(1) OCC brand1 can (and frequently will... ) sound “different” ( = not necessarily “better”....) than OCC brand2, and/or compared to silver cables and/or hybrid options.

(2)audio improvements ( ... or not ) are entirely listening room and system dependent .

(3) there are many other cable material options that work well or better (depending on the bespoke system in question) including, inter alia, silver and hybrid copper / silver offerings.

(4) Conversely, all the upgraded cables in the world may not invoke audio improvements in certain systems ... full stop.

Until you actually roll up your sleeves and hands-on experiment yourself in your bespoke listening arena and on your system, you wont know .

like akg_ca said, OCC is an indicator, but not the ultimate deciding factor on how well a cable sounds.  There are other considerations, such as type of metal (copper/silver), strand size and bundling versus solid core, geometry, shielding, terminations, etc.

That being said, OCC copper and ultra-high purity copper are generally much better sounding than normal manufactured copper, which can be OFC (or oxygen free copper).  The smoothing of wire metal surface also plays a factor in signal clarity.
I changed all my cables to OCC ones. Less gritty, smoother and more depth. But it always depends on the implementation and geometry. I use the Ramm cable with air dielectric for power. Very happy with the result. Neotech power cords are also very good. (more slam/less open). I also changed all my connectors to pure copper/tellurium ones. Bigger bottom end, blacker background, enhanced s/n ratio. 
Hi dougthebiker, I am a fan of Audience Cables, particularly their AU24 SX.  From their site:
OHNO cables are named after Dr. Atsumi Ohno who invented the method of manufacturing mono-crystal wire, a highly sophisticated process of producing wire without the crystalline barriers found in all conventional wire. Whereas copper typically exhibits thousands of crystals per meter, as audio signals move through this maze, energy is lost at every crystalline juncture. 
I tried several brands and several levels of cables before deciding on Audience.  I certainly did not try many of the myriad of cables available, but through advice and auditioning in my home, I especially liked the smoothness and resolution of the AU 24SX, even better in my system (to me) than their extremely lauded Front Row line, which I felt had a bit of glare.  I do not care for Silver in my wires, as I find the OCC VERY smooth.  Thanks! Ken
As others have pointed out, OCC copper does sound better (transparent, detailed and smooth) than anything I’ve tried.

My system is wired with Audio Envy cables which uses OCC wire and priced reasonably.

Lately, I've been preferring the Iconoclast OCC XLR cable over my favorite for many years, the Audioquest WEL. 

It does all the right things with regard to frequency extension, silent backgrounds, bass weight, smoothness, etc but I'm finding I'm really liking the way copper contours the sound in a different way versus silver.

I had high expectations when I tried a pair of OCC copper interconnects. They were very transparent and hyper-detailed but lacked body. There's obviously more to cables than just conductor material.
I added WireWorld OCC cables when I ordered my Emerald Physics KCIIs, which I replaced with EP 3.4s and replaced the speaker to outboard XOs to WW OCC jumpers, after a few weeks of listening to shitty supplied jumpers. No contest