has anyone ever heard of Arcaydis Speakers

I came across a pair of little bookshelf speakers in a high end used shop. They sounded 3x bigger and amazing for their size. I googled Arcaydis and found the Concept 1 was a close match. I bought them and will pick them up tomorrow. Let me know...
Well, you bought them, you let us know!! Good luck, hope they work well in your system. It's always nice to find a diamond in the rough every once in a while.
I have a pair of B & W CM 5's. I would say these speakers sound just as good. These speakers are smaller than the cm5's, but sound very similar. The bass is better in the Arcaydis, but the tweeter is a bit more laid back, which I like.
I'm late here, but would like to say that I've been listening to to a pair of Arcaydis AKS for the last 8 years. Rather in the Spendor mould sonically and great for long listening sessions. Veneer was not the greatest in mine, purchased new, but quite presentable for the $300 or so I paid. Very interestingly, my pair are made of solid wood, and I've seen elsewhere that Arcaydis owner Richard Allen is not a fan of mdf.
I am seriously considering another pair in the guise of the newer DM1 model.
My current AKS pair, by the way, responded fantastically well to an upgrade in capacitors.