Has anyone ever experienced the "Taos Hum"

Yeah I know this could open up a whole can of worms in the laughs department. But really, just because scientists could not prove the phenomena does not mean it doesn't exist. I am also wondering if this could somehow be related to Tinitis.
'Neurophone' idea of skin direct to brain is my take on it.

For all you left with an inigma wrapped in a mystery as to what Taos hum even is...Google is your friend.
Elizabeth, have you ever been on a snipe hunt?
Could you sing a few bars of the Taos Hum?

Or if you wish hum a few bars of the Taos song.

Maybe sing and hum a little at the Taos bar.

Oh, never mind.

Here is a recording of the hum.

Sorry, I don't have the whole song...

Taos Hum
I listen to the hum for relaxation. Studying the Cassini Saturn radio message is more of an active pastime, but right now I'm concentrating on what that dying NASA scientist has revealed....
Was raised in Taos since 69 never heard it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Funny!
Well, yes I have.

Many times I have gone to bed and heard what I thought was a truck or backhoe idling outside, up the block, and went to listen at the window and not heard it.

I do think this is a phenomenon like tinnitus.

I don't think it has an external source.

Until you asked, I had no idea anyone else experienced this.



Maybe Taos has a ground loop.