Has Anyone Ever Combined Tonearm Wire?

I bought a VPI Aries Extended 2 TT with JMW 12.5 arm. When it arrived the junction box was damaged. I understood that the arm had Valhalla wiring, so when I received a new box from the seller, it came with Valhalla. I then found out the wire in the tonearm was different. Turns out it was Discovery wire. I went ahead and hooked it up to see how it would sound. Guess what, it sounds fantastic! I never would have dreamed of trying this, but I highly recommend it. Harry, at VPI said the discovery has a warm, rich sound and the Valhalla can have a cooler, lean sound. Well, this combination is very dynamic and relaxed at the same time. This is a great tweak, i discovered by accident.
I think, the Triplanar VII uses Discovery wire, too. I am a Fan of it. Really good cable.
Hello Thomasheising,

A very good friend of mine (Larry)gasman on Audiogon has been e-mailing you about advice on his new Graham Phantom arm. It is nice to talk with you. Yes, I like the Discovery wire, but coming across this combo of Discovery and Valhalla has been a blessing in disguise. It seems I have the best of both worlds with this setup. I can't wait to hear Larry's new arm with his ZYX UNIverse cartridge. It should sound fantastic! I am using a ZYX Yatra cartridge. I really love the ZYX line of cartridges.
Give Larry some time. I think, he refuses to go to the Phone when it will ring (I'm kidding)at the moment. Yes, I agree, when your analog combo is able to bring the best out of it, the Zyx cartridges are very satisfying. There is a musical flow, which combines Detail, Speed and Holographic Body in a special way.
I have a TriPlanar VII with Discovery wire from cartridge clips to phono plugs. Do you recommend I cut it off, install a junction box and use Valhalla from there? ;-)

Just kidding! We do use Valkyrja I/C's between preamp and power amp and Valkyrja speaker cables too. They gave us a remarkable upgrade in about fifty different sonic areas. I understand why you would enjoy your serendipitous mix of Discovery and Valhalla.


P.S. Next step for you might be to move up in the ZYX line. If you think the Yatra's good...
Hello Doug,

My situation is a little different with the JMW arm already having a junction box. I should have pointed out that my suggestion was for owners of JMW arms. I would love to own a UNIverse cartridge someday. I have a friend that recently got one from Mehran. He just got a Graham Phantom arm. He is installing the cartridge today. His table is a Basis Debut. I can't wait to hear the UNIverse.