has anyone else tried Lloyd Walkers latest tweak

Lloyd Walker has a new tweak: the black diamond crystal for cartridges. It's a crystal you put on either the tonearm or the cartridge that [I KID YOU NOT] transforms the sound!
I know, I know, [don't ask me to explain it,I can't] it can't be all that, but i'm tellin you try this thing [if you don't like it you can return it] for less than half the price of a really good cartridge you get A REALLY GOOD CARTRIDGE!!!
Please post your experience
Like Acoustic Revive's tiny smokey quartz crystal for room walls, my own crystals for room corners, the Shun Mook Mpingo Disc, the tiny bowl resonators or various types, perhaps the Black Diamond Crystal acts via sympathetic vibration.
Instead of paying $395 to Walker Audio I found a clear rounded quartz crystal and glued it to the front of my cartridge with a tiny dab of super glue. Of course I re-balanced the arm to account for the added mass. I've been playing records this way for about a month now.

No overtly obvious change, but things did indeed sound nice. So this weekend I decided to put it to the test. I pulled out 88 Basie Street, an album many of us are intimately familiar with for it's great dynamics, soundstaging, space, extension and great music.

(1) Sounded really nice with the crystal in place. Spacious, meaty, textured.

(2) I pulled off the crystal and re-balanced the arm. OK, so things definitely seem a bit flatter now. Less nuance. Less space. Less character. Absolutely a difference was heard.

(3) Glued the crystal back in place and re-balanced the arm again. Yup, there's that nuance, space and dimensionality.

Conclusion: so I guess this did make a difference to my ears, whether from actual RFI/EMI reduction or from just having added mass at the headshell or resonance dampening - I don't know. But I did hear it; subtle but there.
I would submit to you that the Walker cart. crystal changes are ANYTHING but subtle
profound and dramatic are more like it