has anyone else tried Lloyd Walkers latest tweak

Lloyd Walker has a new tweak: the black diamond crystal for cartridges. It's a crystal you put on either the tonearm or the cartridge that [I KID YOU NOT] transforms the sound!
I know, I know, [don't ask me to explain it,I can't] it can't be all that, but i'm tellin you try this thing [if you don't like it you can return it] for less than half the price of a really good cartridge you get A REALLY GOOD CARTRIDGE!!!
Please post your experience
Over the years I try several " snake oil " items and sometimes I swared the item put my sytem in the top of the sky only for a short time latter falls down when I learned that the " improvement " were only other kind of distortions that made it more harm than helps in any way to be nearer to the recording. Other items were terrible for say the least.

My latest exercise with that kind of audio items is this one that I bought like two months ago at 50% off price:


I try in everyway and till today I can't hear any single difference with and with out it.

You can read there not only what's behind this item but customer opinions and even reviews of pro-reviewers where all of them hear or think that hear " marvelous " improvements, not me.

Of course that almost all those kind of items " efficiency " are system and " brain "/knowledge level dependent.

Regards and enjoy the music,
One effect of putting a crystal, or anything with mass, on a tonearm or cartridge is to alter the... mass. This can always be expected to have an effect of some kind. So, on that basis alone, no wonder it is common to hear a "difference". Has anyone done the following control?: Take a pebble or something of equal mass and affix it where you have previously heard a difference with the crystal. Then play a record and listen. On other grounds, I have come to think that most low compliance LOMCs can benefit sonically from an increase in tonearm effective mass, compared to the effective mass of the typical modern high-end tonearm, most of which are medium mass, at best. Just a thought.
the transformation I heard was a profound increase in soundstaging, definition, bass [deeper and more articulate] and detail resolution all of which [I would say] is because of an improvement in the extraction of what is in the grooves. It seems at least two others have heard similar results.
Dear Perditty: Well you hear exactly what Walker stes in its site product information.

I'm not questioning what you think you hear but only asking if those improvements put us nearer to the recording or live event.You say: better and deeper bass definition. This is a serious and not easy improvement to achieve.

I think it can't go deeper, reading the Walker site he say that """ reduce static electrical noise at your cartridge and record while it is playing. """.

Reducing the static noise helps to have better definition: cleaning the overall grooves information the cartridge read it. That makes sense to me because the friction between the stylus/grooves develop that kind of static noise along the " room enviroment ". When we use the Discwasher static gun ( remember? ) to reduce static in the LP we can hear a difference.

Now, the subject here is that Walker does not explain yet : how it works to achive that static noise reduction and maybe this is why we could think that the tweak item is just another " snake oil ".

Other side is to know if the item function in the same way with any cartridge, I think that if there is a scientific foundation down there it must works with any cartridge. I don't know if is in that way and if not: why not?

Regards and enjoy the music,
Rauliruegas, the only way to A/B the clock is to remove it entirely from the house or apartment, say on the back steps. Then listen to a favorite track to get an idea what the sound is like. Then bring the clock back into the room and listen again. Putting the clock in another room will not be sufficient to differentiate the sound.

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