has anyone else tried Lloyd Walkers latest tweak

Lloyd Walker has a new tweak: the black diamond crystal for cartridges. It's a crystal you put on either the tonearm or the cartridge that [I KID YOU NOT] transforms the sound!
I know, I know, [don't ask me to explain it,I can't] it can't be all that, but i'm tellin you try this thing [if you don't like it you can return it] for less than half the price of a really good cartridge you get A REALLY GOOD CARTRIDGE!!!
Please post your experience
Crystal does work - i don't know how it does but i work. I have been experimenting and playing with crystal (mainly Diamond) for years.

I have put them in my Turntable Clamp, glue them to my motor but have not tried it on the Headshell yet. The better the Diamond, the pure the cleaner the sound.

Go borrow your wife, GF diamond or ear ring - just don't let them know what you are using it for :-) They will kick your butt if they know Hahaha
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Benjie and Tawa
thank you for your OBSERVATIONS as this was the reason I started the post in the first place!
Benjie you are so right re the second crystal!!
All of what you noticed when adding the second crystal
[the black diamond turntable upgrade already had a crystal on the headshell bridge, this is replaced by the second black diamond crystal] is what I heard with the second [I CAN'T EXPLAIN HOW IT DOES WHAT IT DOES BUY IT DOES DO IT!!!]
I'm afraid to even mention THIS but Lloyd recently sent me a room tuning kit composed of five copper pipe end caps [like from home depot] with a crystal glued to the inside bottom, they are put on your room walls and/or ceiling with blue tack and you get an expansion of imaging and soundstage that [IMHO] equals/surpasses five speaker surround sound! [I know, I know, pass me more Kool-Aid Jim Jones]
Dear Phduncanson,
Your URL leads to a white paper on RFI. No one doubts that RFI can be a problem in audio reproduction and that eliminating RFI is desirable. If you read the paper yourself you will see that the only way in which crystals are connected to RFI is by the fact that devices that use crystal-referenced oscillators, like the wrist watch specifically mentioned, radiate RFI. The article does not support the contention that crystals shield from RFI.

I am prepared to believe that crystals are beneficial, but I remain to be convinced as to mechanism for that, and that it even has anything to do with RFI.
So, what is it, exactly, a piece off a 1950s Chrysler tail light?