has anyone else tried Lloyd Walkers latest tweak

Lloyd Walker has a new tweak: the black diamond crystal for cartridges. It's a crystal you put on either the tonearm or the cartridge that [I KID YOU NOT] transforms the sound!
I know, I know, [don't ask me to explain it,I can't] it can't be all that, but i'm tellin you try this thing [if you don't like it you can return it] for less than half the price of a really good cartridge you get A REALLY GOOD CARTRIDGE!!!
Please post your experience
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1)Cornell University is hardly a jailhouse. 2)I never offered an opinon on the Crystal, only a reply to the first poster's comment(The Effect probably blocked you from recognizing that fact). I do have plenty of experience, regarding those with oral incontinence(such as yours), however(seems I REALLY hit a nerve). Help yourself(et al) to, "The Last Word." Bet you can't contain it, and I can use the laughs.
As I've said before, this whole thing is so unbelievable that I just wanted to see if anyone else heard what I heard.
We can debate theory of operation I was just seeking out others experience
"oral incontinence"... HA :)
Perditty, The only thing I would take issue with is your use of the term "debate". Inert crystals either can or cannot affect RFI. The debate could be about whether they make an improvement in one's audio system; that would be a reasonable subject for debate.