has anyone else tried Lloyd Walkers latest tweak

Lloyd Walker has a new tweak: the black diamond crystal for cartridges. It's a crystal you put on either the tonearm or the cartridge that [I KID YOU NOT] transforms the sound!
I know, I know, [don't ask me to explain it,I can't] it can't be all that, but i'm tellin you try this thing [if you don't like it you can return it] for less than half the price of a really good cartridge you get A REALLY GOOD CARTRIDGE!!!
Please post your experience
Good thinking Taters.

A bald huckster and a fat dumpster.

I like it.
Judy ...., another pejorative post. Who is this bald huckster and fat dumpster? Is this an attempt at droll humor. Because if it is, it is impolite, personal and defamatory.
Still interested in seeing if anyone else has TRIED this remarkable tweak?
Are Benji and I the only ones with any experience with this thing?
Mr P- There are many on this site that need no experience with anything, to know that something does not/can not function as claimed, or- as others have observed. A prime example of 'The Dunning-Kruger Effect' at work.
How can you know anything about weather or not something works without trying it first?
If you find that it DOES work you can then decide if the explanation offered is valid.
In this case it works so well I really don't care WHY it works. Try it yourself and tell us what YOU think, if you don't find it works send it back (within 30 days) and get your money back! (and tell us that too)