Has anyone done any worthwile tweaks to their...

Meadowlark Swifts? I am thinking of applying felt around the tweeters, changing the internal cabling or maybe upgrading the crossover components. Has anyone done any or all of these, or any other good tweaks to these speakers?
need more info what kind of speakers are they and what type of sound are you looking to get.Also do you have the amp, wire,ect to be able to tell the upgrade?
I haven't but I'd treat my sidewalls before wholesale radiation treatment with felt donuts. You might NOT want to affect the power response of your tweeter just yet.
If the tweeter high-pass is a crap capacitor than playing with better ones, or adding a small great bypass is usually a worthwhile experiment. You should hear differences.
Similarly, if you fingd small iron-core inductors in the woofer's low-pass, swapping them for large-gauge air core can definitely improve dynamics and lower distortion due to lack of early saturation. Have fun.
The Swifts are a nice sounding speaker and for the money a great speaker. What are you seeking to accomplish with the mod? Meadowlark offered upgrades to all their previous speakers. So, yes, you can improve the quality of the internal wiring and cross-over. But, again, what do you want to accomplish? Felt rings on a Meadowlark tweeter is not necessary.
Agree...I wouldnt get too carried with mods to the Swifts...they are only going to lessen their resale value if you ever upgrade...and adding felt around the tweeters is largely a myth...true..Spica tc-50s used felt...but their spacious sound was more due to internal componets than external..cheers..however...if you are dead set on upgrading...call Meadowlark and get it done in a professional manner...the Swifts are not speakers to start out modifying if you have never done it before...
Thanks all. Basically what I'm trying to accomplish is just a litle more transparency, and a more three dimensional soundstage. I want instruments to have a little more roundness and solidity to them. I currently have a pair of IRD Audio monoblocks, AMC CD8B cd player, Music Angel tube preamp, Mapleshade Golden Helix speaker cable, and Belden interconnects. Thanks again.
Lord..sounds like "tube" power might be your ticket..