Has anyone done any business with Quads Unlimited lately???

I'm trying to get in touch with Wayne Picquet & it appears he is nowhere to be found. I've been calling & writing for 2 to 3 months.
Please help!!! 
Cut this dude loose and move on asap.
Wayne's reputation seems to get worse with every passing minute. I hope he doesnt owe you money or work on a pair of Quads. Shame because he really knows his stuff. 
Word is Wayne is in very poor health. Kent McCollum at Electrostatic Solutions is THE Quad guy now.
Wayne rebuilt my 57s back in 2005, then again in 2012. The first time he had them for 2 months. The last time he had them for nearly 2 years! He did a fantastic job but never again. 
I got this from him July 2017, I'm out $6500

" I apologize...the company is virtually bankrupt I have no possible means of sending you a refund...if you can move on *per say*, eventually they will show up....the heart attacks put me way to far behind....i can't catch up fast anymore...its gonna be a slower process than I thought. Pk "
Wow, what a ridiculous and reprehensible attitude and statement. He’s not just financially bankrupt, but ethically and morally as well. Shame on him!
Don't be too hard on him nobody wants a heart attack. The last I heard from him was April 2018. PK if you're still around I wish you well.
Reviving this thread because I'm $3000 out, and have been for three years, waiting for PK to send me a restored set of 6 ESL57 panels. The last I heard from him was May 2019 (with the familiar promise of 'just a few more days my friend'). ....Was wondering if he is still active. Any recent news?
After many years of sending Wayne more and more money to try to build a custom triple, I am out over 30k! Many years ago, he did such nice work. I unfortunately commissioned him based on his past, and just kept pouring money in to a black hole. I have an attorney, but they cannot locate him as of yet. Such a shame after all the help I gave him over the years and the trust. I kept believing he would pull it together, and now I have nothing to show for it. 
That's a shame.  I spoke with him in March, 2018 about buying a set of custom QUAD's.  He spoke of his poor health, and mentioned how he was so far behind.  Since I live in the next city over (1.5 hours away), I set up a time to go see and listen to his work.  But when the day came for me to visit, he didn't answer his phone, or tell me his address to visit.  I thought that was quite odd, and I was irritated, to say the least.  Then, one day about a year or two ago, I got a call from him, and he left a message asking if I was still interested in a custom set.  I didn't answer the phone, nor did I return his call, because of his previous inconsistencies.  I'm sorry to hear about others' misfortunes; I hope that he's able to work through this and make everyone whole.  
Years ago I bought a set of refurbished Quads from Wayne. Quite an uncomfortable and strange experience. I ended up paying nearly 6 K for them. It took almost 3 yrs, and I never knew if and when they would show up. Then one day, the did, unexpected, after many, many, strange emails and excuses.
And they sounded great!
I sold them relatively cheap (3.5K) just because I overpaid, and that was on me. The speakers themselves were outstanding, just limited, as all ESL 57's are. Kind of a "one person speaker" due to the limited sound stage. 
For a while, Wayne kept emailing me and wanting money for various bizzare and sundry uses, but finally he stopped.
He made a wonderful speaker, sometimes overcharged, but I will remember him well. I hope that he is OK

I’m glad that you can remember him well? I, on the other hand, cannot! After being conned out of over 30k, this man is a criminal! There is a lot more to the story of my many attempts to help him financially. I suspect he also had substance issues in the last decade or more. If that was the case, it’s no wonder the money kept disappearing. 
If anyone knows of Wayne’s possible location or any other info, please pass it on so that I can forward to my attorney. Thanks 
Hi everyone sorry to see all
the negative about Wayne. I just came across this post looking for information on Wayne. I know he left a bunch of people in bad spots regarding money, I would be pissed off also. He struggled with health and other issues for many years but he loved making awesome quads. Wayne passed away a few weeks ago, we are not sure of what exactly yet, as he was homeless and found. I was looking for an obituary when I found this post. He was a really close friend of mine a long time ago and I truly loved the guy. He had really hard struggles for the last 15 + years. Rest In Peace Wayne. And sorry everyone just wanted you all to know. 
This is very sad news. RIP Wayne. 
RIP Wayne.  For a time you served Quad fans well.  And then for a time.... many struggles and much suffering.  It is clear you were a troubled soul and that this life was not easy.  It is also sad that so many folks that once supported your work not treated well in the end and were abandoned.  But it is also clear that in your own way you were very talented and at one time had many supporters and fans.    Truly, RIP