Has anyone demoed Audio Teknes cables?

I saw a pair of these for sale and the seller claimed they were better than ensemble dynaflux.... I was considering purchasing Dynaflux so an opinion would be appreciated.

I have not heard the IC's, but the speaker cables are very nice indeed; I cannot speak of the Dynaflux as I haven't heard them.
Ensemble has much better buld quality, resale and sound much better. And yes I have used both
The Dynaflux are very good. That would be my choice between the two.
the Audio Teknes speaker wire is superb, I am not familiar with the Dynaflux but it must be very good to beat the AT.
For what its worth, I have some experience with the ensemble and the audiotekne, though it is limited. I have had the audiotekne interconnects and used them for about a year and a half. I have had the speaker cables for about 3 years. The interconnects I replaced with the HMS which I found to have more 'punch' though the audiotekne were very musical, they were a bit layed back in my set up. I have a friend who continues to use them with great effect and is very fond of them. I used the ensemble gigaflux digital cable and found it to be quite inferior to the hms cord. The speaker cables I continue to use and have not considered any such change. They are superb. The build quality is excellent. The biggest downside I believe is that they are from a small manufacturer in Japan and thus not widely known. This is a big downside when it comes to resale. If you think you are likely to change frequently I would be careful. On the upside you can usually get them for a good price used. Hope this is of help. I have no business interest in any of this.
I haven't tried the Dynaflux, but I have used the Audio Tekne ICs and speaker cables for some time now, and have no plans of changing. The ICs and cables have very similar sonic qualities, which I would describe as very clear, neutral, and fast with good extension at both extremes. No discernable embelishment or vacancies, at least in my system and to my ears. The bass performance is surprising for such a dimunitive cable. I would not call them laid back, though there are probably some cables that are more dynamic as Gagjmusic noted. I've used them both with dynamic speakers (Aerial 10T's) and laid back speakers (Khorus) and I found the Audio Tekne satisfying in each system. Also, the Audio Tekne build quality is not the best I've seen (maybe the newer ones are improved?), and the speaker cables have little spades which can be a problem for some gear. Even so, they sound great and can be had pretty cheap on the used market. Happy shopping
I had Dynaflux IC's for a while. They are smooth and unfatiguing, although detail retrieval suffered when compared to their replacements- Coincident CST. There was no area where the Coincident did not outperform the Dynaflux (and this test was replcated and results confirmed on a friend's reference system as well)- haven't heard the Audio Tekne though...
I am the importer for Audio Tekne and I can explain why it's one of the most desirable cables. Please give a call at 18007524018 if you would like conversation about the cables. In many ways this cable is unique. Litz , natural lacqure insulate. No inductance. On some systems this cable is far superior to the competeing brands. With amps speakers and preamps from Audio Tekne nothing will work nearly as well. Makes sense seeing as all the internal cables jive with each other. Also Audio Tekne makes 1 interconnect ,1 speaker wire ,and 1 power cord. Not for everyone. No compromise.