Has anyone demo'd the Martin Logan Clarity?

I have been loooking at ML for awhile and my wife actually likes the look of the ML Clarity? I am looking for some input from someone who has listened to other models. I have also heard that ML will soon introduce an Aeon i ... anyone else hear this? Thx for your help!
I heard the Clarity it has the house sound of M/L which is good but as all M/L/ products hard to drive and no low end with this model,hope this helps
I saw it, but didn't hear it. I once owned the Scenario which the Clarity is supposed to replace. If it sounds similar, you will get good value with a few caveats.

First, they are very room dependent. Only use them in an appropriate size room (not too large) and make sure you have the ability to fiddle with placement. Second, the sweet spot is extremely tight so keep that in mind based on your application. Finally, use appropriate amplification that is synergistic with the ML (i.e. the VTL integrated is an extremely good match in this same budget range.)

Frankly, if you're only going for 2 channel, it might be better to find a used Scenario or, even better, an Aerius. The Clarity looks like it is more designed for multi-channel systems. It has that wacky extra tweeter mounted on the back. Supposedly, the extra tweeter enhances the sound if used in a multi-channel arrangement. You can (and I suspect should) turn it off for two channel listening.

One good thing about ML speakers is that you historically get the same technology and parts throughout the speaker line. Thus, if you like the big versions, the smaller/cheaper versions should be more similar than you would normally expect in comparable size rooms.

I'm not sure if the new Clarity is using the same trickle down technology though. The addition of that tweeter makes me think not, so check with the dealer and give them a listen.
I own a pair of clarity's. I also have the new sub(depth)and the ML center channel. For home theatre its an incredible setup. Actually I think its more impressive in 2 channel with the subwoofer. I have never heard a sub blend in with a pair of front speakers like this. The soundstage is enormous. I also disagree with the sweet spot being tight. Because of room restrictions mine are most probably too far apart(about a foot off the outside walls,about 12 feet apart and toed in)and they sound phenomenol. I am also using an Acurus 125x5 amp to drive them,not exactly VTL-Krell or Levinson. Mark me down as one very happy Martin Logan owner. I think to do this speaker justice you need to audition them in a normal sized listening room. You won't fill a concert hall with them,but they sound pretty damn good in my home. PS-This is my first pair of M/L's,if you've never heard quality electrostatics your short changing yourself. I am utterly blown away by how accurate,dynamic,and its the biggest freakin soundstage I've ever heard.
I just spent an hour in a listening room with these. Really impressed. The strange tweeter is mean to add breadth to illiminate the small "sweet spot" which was a complaint of earlier models. I agree. Listened to the older models and if you move from one side to the next, you really lose high end. Bass on these was also great as there is the built in speaker on the bottom. Just my humble opinion.
Marcos, were you by any chance in Audio Resource in Metairie, Louisiana? I was there this evening for a little get-together that included Gale Sanders, and spent a while listening to the new Claritys there.

The Clarity impressed me quite a bit. I really like what that little tweeter does. You see, it's positioned far enough back that its contribution is to the reverberant sound, not the imaging-critical first-arrival sound. The result is a more spacious soundstage when you're in the sweet spot, and a tonally more balanced presentation from outside the sweet spot. I used to advocate a similar technique for use with the original Quad ESL's (the "57's").

The Clarity is a very fine little loudspeaker. In too big a room the bass would be inadequate because the woofer's output will fall off more rapidly with distance than the panel's output will. So don't try to make it fill a big room - no can do.

I tip my hat to Gale Sanders and his engineers on a very intelligently designed and nicely voiced little speaker.