Has anyone dealt with High Performance Stereo

I believe their located in Miami Florida. 

I've visited their new location and met the owner, but I ended up not buying from them as I found a deal and a speaker that suited me better.  I spoke to another dealer in the area, an authorized Wilson and ARC dealer, and he knows the owner from  high-performance stereo, has for several years. All this to say, yes, it's a legitimate business, and has a history, but I cannot personally vouch for them, as I never did any business with them.
FWIW I've bought some new Krell gear from them and thought the entire experience was very satisfactory. I recommend them. 

The owner has become a close friend of mine for more than 20 years.  I bought gear from him when he had his first stores on Long Island.

Top notch guy and great equipment.  He pays top dollar when he buys stuff and is very liquid so he gets very good used/demo equipment.  Manufacturers (and very high end stores) go to him when they need to turn inventory.

Other than my Sonus Liutos I bought my entire system from him (all PS Audio).  Also bought my Revel F-50s (for my HT setup).

I've been buying high-end for more than 25 years and I ALWAYS call Steve first when I'm looking for something.  If he doesn't have it many times he can get it.

Great experience with Steve.. FAST and easy with no fear !
I have purchased a lot of equipment from Steve.  Conrad Johnson, Sony SSAR2 Speakers that nobody else could get.  Everything was above highly satisfactory.  Highest recommendation.
Steve is great, had one Transparent speaker cable pair transaction with him and he was really informative, communicated well and everything was exactly as he stated...  👍🏼👍🏼  He has ALOT of used gear at that shop...
Dealt with Steve several times and nothing but a great experience
Another +vote for having alot of gear listed on eBay (and probably other sites).
Steve is very easy to work with. I have and will buy again from him.
Steve is excellent. Zero BS kind of guy. I’ve bought from him several times and he has bought gear from me. Usually instantaneous communication and always comes through.

Thank you Steve.