Has Anyone Criticized The Choice Of Your Cables?

Has anyone, either a dealer or an experienced friend come over to your place and provide some constructive(or negative) critism to the choice of cables in your system? If yes, how would you deal with it? Recently I have a guy who came over and he was pretty vocal on the cables in my system. Although the choice of words were quite unpleasant, I just brushed him off in a friendly manner since I am an open-minded person. I was just wondering how one would react in these kind of situations.
I proudly show my DIY cables before I start the music. I have been ridiculed absentia, but never in person...... After I start the music.
Perhaps you could show him that your cables can double as a garrote, and give him a personal demonstration?

By the way, I looked at your system, and the guy was right.
Your cables suck big time!
I have lamp cord that works better than those cables!
(I am, of course, just kidding!)

I think you handled it just fine.
Let the guy think what he wants.
If it bothers you, don't invite him over again.
Ryder...All of us have faced situations like this with regard to many kinds of things. And though we might prefer or enjoy what we have, it might still pinch a bit if someone else comes on the way your friend did. Though he may have been honest in his comments, as a good friend, he could have been a bit diplomatic or considerate in expressing his opinion. I think Kurt tank has it right, though I might have said in a non combative way, "Well, your taste differs from mine. I like what the cable does for my system."
Thanks for the suggestions, and the humor Kurt_tank. I guess it is a matter of differing preferences or philosophy that has led to the criticism. I have no problems taking that in my stride. It's just that I thought the choice of words could be toned down a bit. "Rubbish" and "Nonsense" were descriptive terms used in describing the cables. Apart from this slight anomaly, he comes off as an honest and friendly guy.
I seemingly erred in assuming this "critic" was a good friend of yours. Nonetheless, he still could have responded in a more decent tone.
I also looked at your system, and your cables are indeed rubbish.

Just kidding.

IMO, someone visiting for a listen should keep their opinions to themselves unless they have a tactful way of suggesting an alternative that might be worth considering.

I recently had a well known manufacturer visit. He looked at the system, and I'm sure he had many thoughts running through his head. He politely listened and offered a couple of tweaks, which he brought along, and which made an audible improvement.

I was impressed by his tact and by his manner. From my experience, he is unique in that regard.
Yes. Speltz Anti-Cables. Happens all the time.
You really have to be the judge.
Having played around with IC's just last night for about 4 hours and a couple different power cords.
I had some IC's a friend sent me,put them in,kind of mucked things up with no soundstage.
Put another pair in that I purchased at my local electronics store,nice warm cable,fat bottom end but soundstage wonderfully.
Had some Hudson Audio 6,9's pure silver cables that I picked up from Tom during a show and although very clean did not care for what they did on top in my system.
Tried my DIY cables that definetly had the instrument timbre correct but lost a little focus in the soundstage.
Tried my DIY power cable on the phono stage in place of a Cardas Golden Cross cord and like what I heard there as the Cardas cord seemed to prohibit the music from coming thru with the clarity that I like.
Ended up putting the DIY powercord on my new Transition Audio Design Tom Tutay tube preamp and loved the resolution there.
I guess my point would be, try all that you have on different components,mix and match if need be to what you like to hear out of your system and forget what anybody else thinks. Do the work and time that it takes to optimize what you want out of your system and go with it.
Everybody is a critic if asked but knowing for yourself that this is what I like takes away the bite of anothers critic.
Nice system by the way!
tell him 'he walks funny'
I quote Ricky Nelson: "Ya can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself".
Garden Party 1972
RJA has it right. Anyone who criticizes your system in an opne and rude manner is either jealous or insecure in some way. I have an aquaintance that once made some pretty ruse comments aboutmy system and I was caught off guard and didn't respond. Truth is WE pay for our systems and WE listen to them with OUR ears. If I want someones opinion I ask for it. But when some asks me I usually tell them what they want to hear. These systems cost way too much to be worried about some who listens maybe 2-3 hours a year.
Yes my system could use some tweaking but so can the best of systems. Everyone hears something different. My advise is buy what you can afford and let yourself get used to it.
If you aren't happy then YOU make the decision based on your ears and budget.
We have an obscure hobby, generally speaking. Then we have these know-it-all's whom know next to nothing about our hobby. They have this need to show their intellect by critiquing.
In my experiences the most critiquing came from owners of a K-mart system or maybe only a boom box.---This is actually true in my case.
It's only a ploy some humans use in hope for dominance,because they themselves are clueless about life/ friendship and such.---Yep, the speaker wire critic falls into this control seeking group.
Oops, almost forgot;--any dealer whom carries a different line of wires falls within--- but at least we know his agenda.
Our systems are our personal creation in a way few other things are and we , as they say in psychology, are "ego involved" with them. That said, it takes a real jerk to tell you that you have the wrong cables. Of course, it happens all the time on Audiogon. Audio is just another religion where many are not happy quietly worshiping in their own church but take it upon themselves to go out and convert the heathen to the true path. That being , of course, whatever they are using themselves at the time.
no.....don't invite that guy over again....he has an inappropriate attitude and I'd guess it extends into more things than just audio...you have nice gear and if you like it then you're lucky....you have no more urge to upgrade...maybe that person was just funnin' you...who knows...
Another quallude, they'll love you in the morning...
I think in general the person is a clod even if he was 'well meaning'. Some people like to pontificate and miss the possible offense they cause...
Did you ask for the opinion? If so you got one and may do with it as you please.

If not, then he is a not a polite guest and may well be an a**hole.
You're an open minded person, right? For yourself, ask the person what they'd suggest, call The Cable Company and borrow them. If you like them better then you've gained a lot.
My cables get criticized all the time by people who have not heard my system. Nothing but Gold or Silver will do for some people. Ordiniary wires seem ok to my tin ears though
i sometimes get worried if too many people like the sound of my stereo system.
if i get criticism, i figure i'm ok. let them criticize my choice of cable. it doesn't affect me one way or another.

there is a way to humor people who criticize. here is what i say:

"thank you for your kind words".
I've never been criticized for anything in my system because:
A. Most of my friends don't know anything about hi-end audio equipment -- all they know is my system is the "best stereo I EVER heard!"
B. And/or, "It's worth what?!@*"

There WAS this one exception: I have a 'theater' friend, of a certain 'persuasion' who is a true opera and musical comedy maven (what else?) He actually prides himself on his bitchy and disdainful sense of humor -- which I must admit is quick, and often drop dead funny ;-) Anyway, back in oh, must've been around the late seventies, he dropped by one day, and I had a pair of 3/4" dia. by 15' long Straightwire Maestro II speaker cables (I'd just got) stretched out together full-length across the living room carpet.

They have that beautiful silver colored woven shield under a clear jacket, if you've not seen them . . . Anyway, my friend Zale, who needs help changing a light bulb, immediately spied the cables, and starting to chuckle disapprovingly, he says, "What the hell are those?!" I replied, completely matter-of-factly, "Those are my new speaker cables."

At which point, he broke out laughing, so hard, I only barely managed to hear him say, "Oh! I thought you were sending electricity to Poland!"
Self-assurance is the best way to deal with negativity, who cares about his opinion.

Anyway, its all about synergy, does he have some magical cable that works for every system. If he does his name must be Merlin, or maybe God.
"Rubbish" and "Nonsense" remind me of "The Squatter and the Ant".
In all likelihood, he is one of those people that thinks negative criticism is helpful. This is probably his style of being helpful whenever he thinks something doesn't quite measure up. I would just ignore him. I hope he is not a friend.
Unfortunately, there are those aspiring audiophiles (and I use the term lightly) who do not hesitate to demonstrate their ignorance by criticizing ones cables before hearing them, or the system in any other configuration. If lamp cord sounds good, what is the problem? I have high dollar cables, and I have cheap stuff, and lamp cord is included. Not all high dollar stuff is good in every given situation. People who criticize cable before knowing more about a system obviously are a neophyte in their audio journey...... and hopefully they will be able to pull their head and ears out of their socket, take time to enjoy the music, have meaningful discussion with other music-philes, and have fun. Isn't that supposed to be part of all this? Jallen
Thank you for all your opinions. Actually he is a dealer carrying another line of cable(interconnects and speaker cable only) which he strongly advocates. He has a strong opinion on the type of cables that are to be used for a piece of equipment that I bought from him. He told me to ditch all my power cords away and use stock cords since in his view are doing something malicious to the sound that is not in-line with the idea of natural sound reproduction(he doesn't sell power cords). I personally don't think his priority is all about making more money out of his critical remarks but more to achieving optimum sound from the equipment that he carries, and he has more than 20 years in the business which is also another passion for him. For what it's worth, the designer of the equipment himself is not a believer in cables.

Maybe I am revealing too much now but guess that is the limit that I can disclose.
Sounds like you respect these guy's opinions, seems your bound to try their suggestions.

Don't you find it odd the one guy "strongly advocates" cables he carries! Now, to be fair, perhaps he has tried many others, still....

Advocating only stock power cables is very strange to me, what makes stock power cables inherently more natural than any other power cable, this is blathering nonsense.
Ryder, given your last disclosure, it would seem that you already have a pretty good idea of what to think about about that person's opinion. A dealer with strong opinions who 'strongly advocates' what he carries is, well, just that. If you believe the power cords sound better than stock, it's what you think which counts. If he is willing to back that strong opinion with a 3-week in-home demo of the ICs and SC he carries, well, that might be an interesting opportunity. If at the end you think it is worth changing, you learned something. If not, you learned something too.

What you have is a "Dear Ann Landers" situation, where Ann would say some combination of the response on the order of "Some people are rude and are just that way. If you don't like their rudeness, stay away from them." I would add, if you can make use of their opinion, why not get something from it.
For the record, I'm not going to try his suggestions of using stock cords. That is drivel to me as well but still it is solely his opinion. In order not to end up with a heated argument, his advice entered my right ear but went out through my left.
So he's a dealer......figures. I've always found it rather amusing when dealers have told me my gear, cables, etc. are crap, and fortunately for me, they carry the "good" stuff. I especially love it when they use phrases like "blows your X away" or " kills your X".

Just shrug and laugh it off....it's cheap entertainment.

What's good about OEM PC's? Nothing!
Why? Two words:
Underwriter's Laboratory

Now you know.

You should all be glad most manufacturers don't waste your money (and their own) by providing anything more than the minimum necessary to meet UL rules.

Don't get me wrong. OEM PC's will work - barely! Their conductor size (AWG) will be the minimum required by the power consumption of the equipment they come with. And if that equipment is digital and radiates RFI? then the cable will also be a shielded cable. EXCEPT (as required by UL) the shield will be connected to the ground conductor at both ends - a guaranteed hum antenna!
He's not a Linn dealer is he?
Honestly, no. I have a different problem. The friends do not leave the room, because they hear things, they never heard before. Cables are like components, they can lift a System or they can make it dull, but I don't think they will change a System completely.
Yes, but they are usually criticizing the fact that I spent more than $5 on wire.
Cabling is all about synergy. IMO there are no good or bad cables; it's what works well with your hardware and what appeals to your sonic preferences. Also, what you're willing to spend to get there.
Yes I've had those who can't comprehend the expenditures and others who ridicule but who cares? They're clueless regarding what it takes to tune a rig. I was among them at one time myself, but have learned a lot from y'all here on The Gon. Cabling makes or breaks the system, no matter the quality of your componentry.
>>Cabling makes or breaks the system, no matter the quality of your componentry.

Not a chance.

If cables make or break a system, the components have been very poorly selected.
If the cables sound good to you that's all that matters.
When we were on the sales floor, only an inexperienced bafoon would open his mouth in a negative manner and criticize your gear. It's completely counter productive. Why would anyone try and knock the wheels out from under a prospective new client. It's all about how you work and relate to people, and it's all sales, not just electronics. Make the client feel well about his or her past decisions. It's only common sense, a seasoned professional in the sales arena knows this basic common rule...

And by the way...Your cable choices blow, you're bald, and your feet smell...my work is done here :)
Shinytoys...too bad many a sales person doesn't actually practice the manner suggested in dealing with others. Once in a blue moon I run across a tactful sales person in the audio community...once in a blue moon ain't good enough if they expect to stay afloat in this market
Nsgarch - I have the same experience. My AZ Satori Shotgun look like two barrels of the shotgun about an inch thick each and woven patterns on the outside reflects the light. Friends don't even comment (bad sign - they already think I'm crazy).
Hard to believe that a guest would have the nerve to vocally criticize your system. I also believe that you don't have to start a thread and solicit others' feedback -- tell him to go to hell.
I don't mind because I know better...:)
criticise my cable - why I would swing them by the ears &...i'm sure you can fill in the rest
Yeah - I've criticised my choice of cables.

That's why I upgrade whenever I get some extra spending money (which hasn't been since before the Market crashed!).

Nothing wrong with constructive criticism - I welcome you to judge my cables choice.

To be in the same spirit I will tell you, in return, what I really think of your wife, your house and car choice.
Kijanki, "the same spirit" requires that it be item be replaceable an upgradeable... so you'd better stay away from talking about my car. :^)
it's kind of a silly question to ask. it is almost impossible to determine the sound of cable when listening to a stereo system.

a better question would be:

has anyone criticized your stereo system ?

why bring up the obvious ? it is unimportant whether one's material things are criticized. there are more important things in life.
I find many people get annoyed with power cords that seem out of the ordinary in terms of design and (particularly) price. Virtual Dynamics cables seem to be a magnet for such comments.....especially from those who don't own or sell them. While it's a PITA to have to take cables in and out to show people the differences, it's often the only way to move them beyond knee-jerk dismissals, but then, it's not your job to educate a dealer.
Oscar44, I see that you are a relatively new member here, but from my experiences, Virtual Dynamics has a very strong following. In fact some feel shy to say anything bad about Virtual Dynamics in my experiences.

Personally, I feel that VD cables/cords offer many positive attributes, however I find others that fit my tastes better for the long term. I still keep some VD cords for fun and excitment.

The "sensitive male" thing was in vogue back in the 80's when women made a big deal about Allen Alda. Those days are over. Grow some....skin!