Has anyone considered rebuying a speaker you once owned??

I am curious if any one has ever considered buying a speaker previously owned and liked, but decided to either downsize or look for a "different" type of sound. 

I ask because I purchased a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios speakers about 5-6 years ago, and decided to downsize the system with a less heavy speaker that was easier to move around.  The Adagios were 80 lbs each.  I currently own a pair Golden Ear Technology model 7 speakers (purchased in 2014)  which are smaller and lighter at 37 lbs each. The Adagios are 50 inches tall, and the GET 7's are 40inches with a slimmer profile. 

I realize the Adagios  are almost three and a half times more expensive than GET 7's. which are $1395. They can sound very good, but I have come to realize they are not in the same league sound quality wise as AZ Adagios. and  may possibly be the best speaker I ever owned.   Of course, hindsight or hindsound is a wonderful thing.    Thanks,  SJ   



Noromance is not alone---there are a number of multiple-time Quad ESL owners around. Hard to live with, hard to live without.
I once owned, and still own a black pair of Quad ESLs (57). Now I also own a bronze pair, in even better shape. So, yes!
Gonna jump back in as I recently purchased a pair of Soliloquy 5.0 monitors with the dedicated stands. I already had a pair of the stands from the pair I owned years ago. They sound better than I remember. Thinking of getting a sub for them and calling it a day.
Wilson WP7s. Ex-wife's friend took them and the rest of my equipment (Wilson Watch center, Cub II, Lexicon MC12B, ML 33h 3 of them, ML 436 2 of them, etc.) during our divorce and sold them on  USAudiomart. 
Yes. The Swiss-made Pawel/Ensemble PA-1 Reference. Finally found a perfect pair in Italy after searching for over 20 years. Have had them now for 4 months and they're better than I remembered them to be.