Has anyone considered rebuying a speaker you once owned??

I am curious if any one has ever considered buying a speaker previously owned and liked, but decided to either downsize or look for a "different" type of sound. 

I ask because I purchased a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios speakers about 5-6 years ago, and decided to downsize the system with a less heavy speaker that was easier to move around.  The Adagios were 80 lbs each.  I currently own a pair Golden Ear Technology model 7 speakers (purchased in 2014)  which are smaller and lighter at 37 lbs each. The Adagios are 50 inches tall, and the GET 7's are 40inches with a slimmer profile. 

I realize the Adagios  are almost three and a half times more expensive than GET 7's. which are $1395. They can sound very good, but I have come to realize they are not in the same league sound quality wise as AZ Adagios. and  may possibly be the best speaker I ever owned.   Of course, hindsight or hindsound is a wonderful thing.    Thanks,  SJ   



Yep, me too. I convinced myself that with the music I mostly listen to I didn’t need the extra detail of the RAAL ribbon tweeter in the Ascend Sierra 2 and sold them. About 3 months later I contacted the buyer to see if he wanted to sell them back, no dice!

So I ordered a pair of the Sierra 1(I’m tight on cash these days), they are cheaper but are the exact same excellent cabinet as the Sierra 2 and Ascend sells the Sierra 2 upgrade kit. Next year I’ll buy it and be back where I started, with a pair of the Sierra 2.

They have such detailed imaging, even with my 80’s pop/rock it sounds better. On good tracks, the vocal is placed very accurately and you’d swear they were standing in the room exactly between the two speakers.
More than once for me. I've rebought Meadowlark Audio Kestrels 3 times as I missed their easy to listen to sound. 
Also bought a pair of Revel M20s when they first came out and sold them to "upgrade." I now have a pair again as my main speakers. They are the best monitor I have heard regardless of price, but I haven't heard them all.

Now it has been several yrs,
But I sold my Kappa 9's to a good friend and I can go listen to them about anytime I want.I did a refoam and crossover upgrade for the cost of parts 4 yrs ago and he usually gets to borrow gear from me.

The Kappa's were the first speaker that I bought new in the day.

I've bought 3 pair of Aerial 10T's over the past 15 years! Now I have decided to just keep my current pair. I just put new tweeters in them yesterday and they sound better then ever! I do like to try new speakers! It's the fun part of the hobby for me! Currently looking for a pair of EgglestonWorks Andra II or the original Revel Ultima Salon! :) Good Times!