Has anyone considered rebuying a speaker you once owned??

I am curious if any one has ever considered buying a speaker previously owned and liked, but decided to either downsize or look for a "different" type of sound. 

I ask because I purchased a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios speakers about 5-6 years ago, and decided to downsize the system with a less heavy speaker that was easier to move around.  The Adagios were 80 lbs each.  I currently own a pair Golden Ear Technology model 7 speakers (purchased in 2014)  which are smaller and lighter at 37 lbs each. The Adagios are 50 inches tall, and the GET 7's are 40inches with a slimmer profile. 

I realize the Adagios  are almost three and a half times more expensive than GET 7's. which are $1395. They can sound very good, but I have come to realize they are not in the same league sound quality wise as AZ Adagios. and  may possibly be the best speaker I ever owned.   Of course, hindsight or hindsound is a wonderful thing.    Thanks,  SJ   



Yes, Yamaha NS1000M speakers, sold them 4 years ago and regretted the decision ever since. There is just something wonderful about the sound, and look, of these Japanese masterpieces. However, I believe Yamaha will be reissuing an updated version (believe the original design is 35 years old) this year.

Interestingly I have just acquired another old design masterpiece from 40 years ago, Gale GS401A speakers. Completely refurbished by David Smith at Vintage Gale in the UK. They sound and look new. The overall sound, from vinyl and computer audio, is outstanding. I could not be happier with these classic speakers.
Hmm... If I had the space and funds I would get a pair of restored KEF 104/2 speakers again. I had them but had to get rid of them due to downsizing to a different sound space. My father-in-law is enjoying the ones I had but I really do miss them.
Yes! Spendor SP100s. I think that my current speakers are superior dynamically and in a couple of other ways, but I think of speakers in the same way I do people; they all have personalities with good and bad aspects. The Spendors are just great in many ways, and if I was "stuck" with them forever, I wouldn't be unhappy at all.