Has anyone connected their favorite transport through the OPPO 105 for comparison ?

I know great transports can make keeper improvements in sound quality. I’m curious if anyone has compared the SQ of their favorite transport by connecting it to the OPPO BDP-105 digital RCA inputs ?

When connected to the OPPO 105’s digital input, I’d like to know if your favorite high-end transport sounded better than the 105’s internal transport (break-in considered).  Thank you, Dan 

The reason for asking (after I’ve searched other forums without luck), I think connecting a dedicated higher-end transport may enhance an OPPO BDP-105D’s musical sound quality verses the stock transport (majority say stock has a very fine sound quality).

I’m considering a OPPO105 as a new processor to add the newer inputs into my system.  Has anyone tested or listened to a known favorite transport that’s directly connected to a OPPO 105 that may comment ?   

I would be tempted to go the opposite direction and use the Oppo as a transport through a different high-end DAC. This would make a more noticeable difference. However, if you like the sound of the Oppo then probably an upgraded transport will enhance it some, but won't dramatically change its personality.

Thank you Cooper52,

Both ideas are excellent and I hope the second is most applicable in my situation.  I’ve long enjoyed a Proceed PDT-3 and AVP2+6,  3-way active crossovers for my fronts and a Proceed AMP5 and Lexicon LX-7 amps to power both 2-channel and multi-channel.

My older OPPO 981 DVD player is dated and 2 days ago, likely bit the dust after OPPO replaced the power supply 2 years back. The AVP2 may need service before long, and the OPPO 105 will certainly upgrade my OPPO 981.  I’m hoping a OPPO 105D may be a possible substitute for both the 981 and AVP2 (if sent for service or not), especially if the PDT-3 may enhance a new OPPO 105D’s CD musical sound quality.  

I should just buy one and run tests considering the return policy, although I’d like to hear others experiences ! Many happy audiophiles substituted a 105 for older processors.  I’m surprised I couldn’t locate sound quality comments about connecting older, high end transports to the OPPO 105’s RCA digital inputs, as a comparison to the OPPO’s internal transport, especially for 2-channel listening.



The 105D weakness is the dac section.  It works fine as a transport.  However, I find my old Sony ES is marginally better sonically and light years ahead ergonomically.
Thanks rhljazz,
"It works fine as a transport. However, I find my old Sony ES is marginally better sonically and light years ahead ergonomically.”

I plan to keep my processor connected to sound check different configurations with familiar recordings. Lastly, if I remove my processor, the front mains have 3-way active stereo crossovers with analog volume controls. When the 105’s connected directly to my amps without a processor, I can keep the OPPO’s digital volume controller 10/10 for max resolution.  Dan