Has anyone compared these speakers, i need help

I'm fairly new to hifi audio. I presently have Threshold SA 3.9e class A amp. 60watts per. channel. Dac 1/e, fet ten preamp. Speakers are polks LS 70's. I am looking to upgrade my speakers. I want to upgrade well enough that I can upgrade my amp at a later date. These are the speakers I'am consitering. GMA Calypas, B&W 802n, Red Rose Classic, Martin Logan Vantage. Can you help me get it down to two? I am big on sound stage.
Red Rose Classic, Martin Logan Vantage. skip these two. midfi speakers at best....and you don't want my real opinion on either, not that the moderators would print it.

your amplifier is too small for the 802's and will be shrill as you easily drive it into clipping.

So I narrowed it down to one for you----Calypso. Buy with confidence cause there will a jillion GMA owners to back up your choice.

"I am big on sound stage" = room acoustics is about 80% of soundstaging when you're dealing with competent speakers.