Has anyone compared these preamps?

Considering the Audio Electronics AE-3 and Rogue 66 or 99 preamps. The AE-3 uses 2 6sn7 tubes and the Rogue uses 4 of the same tube. The Rogue 66 uses 2 12au7 and 4 6dj8/6922. Would the AE-3 be considered the best bargain of the bunch? Associated equipment: Magnepan 1.6,Odyssey amp,Sony 7700 dvd, and CAL Sigma dac. Thanks, Brad
Rogue is at least a step above the Audio Electronics preamp. Superior in most every area. Resolution, transparency, neutrality, impact, dynamics, and extension. I am a really big fan of Audio Electronics, however. The tonal shading is much more classic tube. I usually like 6SN7 based preamps, because of that sound. But, the Rogues are simply much more refined, so win overall. The Rogue 99 is even a good deal better than the 66.
Don't know about the Rogue but I am familiar with the AE-3.

Get the Rogue unless you are capable of modifying the AE-23
I am getting the Rogue 99 this week. My thoughts are either Placette passive maybe with SCE HRS, First Sound Presence Deluxe, or the Rogue. The thing about the Placette is that it's passive but many people who are going to SACD say that anything else mucks up the clarity. It was interestesting in one of his SACD reviews (maybe SCD1) Jon Scull said the the SACD sound was very liquid and that the only time he had said that before was with tubes. Maybe the higher sampling and delta sigma modulation of SACD give it a tube like quality without any of the side effects.