Has anyone compared the new MicroZOTL Preamp to the MZ2?

I’d like your thoughts on how the sound of the new one compares. I have the MZ2 and would prefer a little more “sweetness and warmth”. 

I’ve already changed to better and slightly lower gain 12AU7 tubes and it’s more to my taste. But, I could always use a little more tube goodness.

Thank you!
The new ordered units seem to be leaving the factory about month slower than expected... I’m anxiously awaiting reports once people begin to receive them. 
Thank you. I love the MZ2 enough to get the new full size MicroZotl but want to make sure that it’s not just different but better.
check on this thread from earlier this month 


member lancelock has both the MZ2 & the MicroZotl so he can probaby answer your questions; also teajay, reviewed the new one and maybe able to further answer questions - why not pm them
Thank you for that link. In fact, both of those gentlemen pushed me over the edge to buy the MZ2.

I’m looking for a little more meat on the bone or fullness from the new preamp. Something that I feel I don’t have enough of now.


The MicroZOTL Preamp does provide more depth of sound stage. More details, probably because of less noise and as quiet as the MZ2 is that's saying something. The refined power supply and ceramic board aids in the quiet, black background as I understand.

I have discovered that tube rolling 12SN7's can make some drastic changes in sound. 6SN7's can also be used by changing a jumper on the board. I found NOS 12SN7's to be less expensive than the 6SN7's. I found out using 12SX7's gave me the biggest sound stage. I also found that Tung Sol VT99 and National Union 6F8G when used with adapters, were the most dense, dark, meat on the bones sounding. These results were when rolling with the MZ2. I have not started extreme rolling on the new preamp like I did with the MZ2.

I live near Linear Tube Audio so I will drop in from time to time and see what new things they're working on. They have been swamped with orders for the new preamp and behind in production because of it's popularity.

Thank you very muck lancelock. I’m probably going to end up with the new preamp and Ultralinear amp after all the dust settles.