Has anyone compared the Muse 3 Signature preamp...

with any other preamp??? I cannot find much of anything reported on this unit, which is an upgrade from their Model 3, and which can also come with an optional separate power supply/display. It is a very nice balanced unit with loads of features such as gain setting for each input, polarity inversion, and HT pass-through. I am curious if anyone can report what preamp they found to better it, and in what areas/how it was bettered. Thanks for any insight.
I am a big fan on the Model 3. I have not heard the 3 Signature upgrade yet, but I plan to have it done next.

Buying used (price averages around $650), the Model 3 is a stone cold killer. It spanked a top of the line Naim preamp (IMHO) and outperformed an ATC CA2. Its not a sexy looking machine but it has incredible imaging, soundstaging and all the other audiophool stuff while preserving the pace, rhythm and timing that makes hifi so much fun, at least to me.

Plus, Muse offers an upgrade path which is very reasonably priced.

Have a listen for yourself, of course; but a better active preamp with this much functionality and performance in this price range is hard to imagine.
I recently found a Muse Model 3 without the Signature upgrade or external power supply. I've owned a Marsh P2000 for several years, connected via RCA to a Marsh A400s driving using BG Z-7 full range hybrids with planar tweeters. I listen mainly to jazz CD's on an upgraded Sony DVP-S7700. Overall the system is very clean and resolving, and especially smooth and detailed in the highs. To my ears, the strength of the P2000 is its refined presentation of the higher frequencies. The P2000 is a bit polite and recessed in the midrange, with somewhat rolled off and wooly sounding bass. When I replaced the Marsh P2000 with the Muse Model 3 in my system, I was immediately impressed by the Model 3's lively, involving musicality, much larger soundstage, noticably improved slam, sweet midrange especially in the lower mids, more energetic and articulate bass, and smooth extended highs. This was true via both RCA and balanced connection to the A400s. The Model 3 has great balance top to bottom, even at very low volume levels which can be precisely adjusted. The Model 3 easily surpassed the Marsh P2000 in my system for musicality and listening enjoyment without any glare. Rock and pop were especially more lively with the Muse. I noticed a tiny bit of sibilance and grain in the upper mids of the Model 3, which was probably only noticeable in direct comparison to the smooth highs of the Marsh heard through the planar tweeters. I relegated the less musical P2000 to my smaller system and I intend to enjoy the Muse in my main system for a while. Rather than upgrade the base Model 3 I will be looking to trade up to the Model 3 Signature if I can find one in the near future. If I decide to trade up I'll offer the excellent Model 3 at a discount here on Audiogon.